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Northern Winter League R2 5th Dec 2009

After a tantilising wait for the mist to lift, the 19 pilots finally took to the air just after 12:15, and completed a cracking 6 rounds in southerly winds ranging from 18 to 35 mph, before bad light stopped play.

Mark Redsell again proved the man to beat, setting the fastest time of 41.87, on his way to a great win. Richard Bago stormed into second place , with Greg Dakin holding third.


1 MARK REDSELL Freestyler 4916.36
2 RICH BAGO Vikos 4770.26
3 GREG DAKIN Race M 4654.23
4 PAUL MIDDLETON Vikos 4628.82
Vikos 4618.61
Skorp 4517.68
7 KEITH WOOD Freestyler 4348.84
8 MARK PASSINGHAM Cyril 4338.13
9 DAVE WATSON Viking 4283.01
10 RONNIE LAMPE Sting 4222.33
11 JOHN THORNTON Skorp 4158.60
12 MICK LIDEARD Vikos 4155.50
13 DAVE WRIGHT Vikos 4131.59
14 PAUL TOWNSEND Skorp 4094.06
15 FRANK HULTON New Sting 4086.98
16 TONY FU Vikos 4080.27
17 IAN STEWART Ceres 4014.13
18 ALAN SCUPHAM Pike 3988.66
19 JON EDISON Sting 3947.21

For Full Results - Click Here
Club Members shown in Bold

Many thanks to everyone in keeping the rounds rolling in, allows us to squeeze in 6 rounds in very limited time.

Round 3 of the Northern Winter League is on the 9th Jan 2010
Winter League Calendar - Click Here

Regards and Seasons Greetings to All
Jon Edison

Northern Winter League R1 7th Nov 2009

Weather pretty much as predicted, and despite the winds being from the SW, the main south bowl at Horcum generated adequate lift in those light conditions to avoid a move of slope as the wind turned South during the day.

So after a slight delay while we waited for the mist to lift, flying got under way at 10:30. With 18 pilots completing 9 rounds, flying ended at 3:30 as the light and lift began to fade.

Congratulations to Mark Redsell for a brilliant win and also the fastest time of 43.78 in R8. Paul Garnett hung on to second place with the Vikos, and Paul Middleton on a roll with his Vikos in third.

1 MARK REDSELL Freestyler 7742.10
2 PAUL GARNETT Vikos 7301.19
3 PAUL MIDDLETON Vikos 7259.76
4 MARK PASSINGHAM Cyril 7236.01
5 GREG DAKIN RaceMx 7199.76

6 RICH BAGO Vikos 7065.88
7 PETE GUNNING Ascot 7062.05
8 DAVE WRIGHT Vikos 7026.63
9 MIKE CHALLANOR Precious6815. 82
10 TONY FU Vikos 6682.62
11 RONNIE LAMPE Sting 6681.79
12 JOHN THORNTON Skorp 6590.02
13 DAVE WATSON Viking 6574.85
14 MICK LIDEARD Vikos 6565.47
15 JON EDISON Sting 6365.77
16 GEORGE YOUNG Race M 6287.40
17 PAUL FOSTER Skorp 6255.47
18 ALLAN SCUPHAM Pike 5616.84

For full results - Click Here
Club Members shown in Bold

Thanks to all who supported the event and helped to make it run so smoothly. Round 2 of the Northern Winter League is on the 5th Dec
Winter League Calendar - Click Here

Jon Edison

BMFA 60inch Nationals Huddersfield 17 Oct 2009

This 60inch event was re-run after Gale Force winds had prevented the comp taking place on its original date. I don't have a report for the comp, only the results below.

Well done to Paul Townsend for a magnificent win. Obviously holding back until the right moment. Watch out the Winter League!

1 Paul Townsend 98
2= Ron Broughton  94
2= Dave Rumble 94
2= Dave Elam 94
5 Steve Clarke 91
6  Neil Cornes  90
7= Mark Abbotts 86
7= Ronnie Lampe 86
9  Dave Tuckwood  85
10 Tim Shaw 83
11 Kev Potts 75
12= Dave Sykes 70
12= Frank Hulton  70
12= Paul Hanson 70
15= Dave Beanland  67
15= Clayton Landells  67
17  David Childs  65
18  Brian James  64
19 Matthew Childs  63
20 Pete Stevens 62

Other Club Members shown in Bold

The final League F3F event of the year held at the Long Mynd on Sunday 18th unfortunately didn't complete due lack of wind.

Well thats it for this years Summer league, lets hope the Winter programme is blessed with better conditions. For your diary the F3F Winter League Dates are :-

7th Nov 2009
5th Dec 2009
9th Jan 2010
6th Feb 2010
6th Mar 2010


Jon Edison

BMFA League 6 Huddersfield 3rd - 4th Oct 2009

The 60inch event was cancelled due to too much wind! Normally nothing stops the 60inch Guys, but winds with gusts of 100mph+ proved they do have their limits. Just standing upright on the slope edge was near impossible apparently, never mind trying to flying a comp. However the good news is the 60inch Nationals has been re-scheduled for 17 Oct.

The F3F event on the Sunday was blessed with lighter winds, albeit slightly off from the North making the West Ridge at 'Tinkers' very unpredictable. A steady 5 rounds with 36 pilots was achieved, despite R5 being restarted due to rain. Base A proved particularly tricky, with several models coming to an abrupt end at this point.

Simon Thornton proved again to be the man to beat with a well deserved first place, Kevin Newton battled on into second place, with club member Richard Bago continuing his upward progress with his Vikos to secure a brilliant third.
Click here for Mike Shellims excellent Report

Other Club Members were

Paul Middleton, Vikos, 8th
Keith Wood, Freestyler 10th
Dave Wright, Vikos 12th
Paul Garnett, Vikos 13th
Paul Foster, Skorpion 18th
Mark Redsell, Skorpion 19th
JohnThornton, Skorpion 20th
Jon Edison, Sting 21st
Ronnie Lampe, Sting 23rd
Mick Lideard, Vikos 25th
Tony Fu, Vikos 31st
Frank Hulton, Caldera,34th

Well done to all, particularly the top ten placings, commiserations to those lower down, we just got all the bad air!

Jon Edison


F3F Winter League for 2009/2010 Dates

7th Nov 2009, 5th Dec 2009, 9th Jan 2010, 6th Feb 2010, 6th Mar 2010

Other News

The major change this year is that the Paragliders have been granted permission to fly at Horcum. Their flying area excludes Levisham, but otherwise is the same as ours. Sharing of air space is a priority. Contact with the Sir George Cayley Sailwing club has been made to advise them of our Competition dates.

Welsh F3F Open 18th Sept - 20Sept 2009

A well attended event, the Welsh Open attracts flyers from Spain, France and Hong Kong not to mention the NYMRSC!

Weather forecast was for high pressure to build over the weekend, which can give warm sunny days, but can also be limited on wind. Both proved true, and in the event only one days flying was achieved, and that was on Friday the first day.

Five rounds with approximately 50 pilots was no mean feat, especially as conditions worsened during the day. Thanks to the organisation by our Welsh hosts.

As times began to even out as the day went on, failure to make the most of the first few rounds would find yourself well down the rankings. Needless to say we failed to make an impact, and most of the 6 NYMRSC Members ended up well down the list! Paul Garnett was the highest placed member in 10th. Results Click Here

An enjoyable 'Banquet' on the Saturday Night, was the highlight of an otherwise disappointing flying weekend. That's life!!

Don't forget Huddersfield 60inch event on the 3rd Oct, and the F3F event on the 4th Oct

Jon Edison

BMFA Nationals 29th - 31st Aug 2009

Another terrific weekend for the 'Nats', those of you who went will know what I mean. Weather not quite as good as last year, but still a great day out.

The Bring and Buy stand were not as numerous on the Sunday, but still some bargains to be had if you knew what you were looking for.

After a few hours rummaging around, we headed for the Control Line Speed Circles. This is a sight not to be missed, these models are awesome. The Pulse Jets are just unbelievably noisy not to mention fast!

There is so much to see, it is difficult to pick out particular disciplines to visit, but a chance encounter with a guy called Stafford Screen in the free flight tent, reminded me how insular we have become. This guy is a F1C champion, and produces some amazing models. If you thought the freeflight boys were stuck in the past forget it, these guys could teach us all a thing or two about construction and flying techniques.

Well thats all for now, my next event is the Welsh F3F Open on the 18th to 20th Sept. Enjoy this spell of good weather

Jon Edison

North of England Open 18th / 19th July 2009

After a very stormy week weather wise, the rain finally subsided to allow a competition to take place . Both days produced variable wind speed and direction with a sprinkling of showers for good measure. Slope selection was difficult because of that, but the top pilots came through, and after 8 rounds with 43 pilots over two days, the results were :-

1st Greg Dakin, 2nd Dieter Perlick, 3rd Peter Kawolski, 4th Mark Redsell

15 Club Members took part, Mark Redsell 4th, Paul Garnet 6th (and fastest time of the comp with 42.43 ), Richard Bago 8th. Paul Middleton,Paul Townsend,Keith Wood,Jon Edison,Tony Fu,Frank Hulton,Dave Wright,Ronnie Lampe,Mick Lideard,John Thornton,Alan Scupham and Ian Stromberg. Click here for Results

A terrific show Guys, and well done, especially to our top ten placings. Commiserations to those lower down the rankings, we were just unlucky with the air, well thats my excuse anyway!

Many thanks to all the Flyers who helped with the organisation and to Mike Barker for his support over the two days.

Dates for your Dairies

No further Summer events planned, but if you are free and the weather is good, I can recommend the BMFA Nationals in August for a great day out

F3F Flying on Lundy Island 2 July - 7th July 2009

Five Members ventured into the Bristol Channel to sample the delights of flying over the sea on an island site. Paul Middleton flew his socks off to end 3 days of flying in 4th place, well done Paul. Richard Bago came in 5th, Paul Garnett 8th, Jon Edison 9th, and Keith Wood 10th. Click here for Team Photo.

Longest day Fly-in 21st June 2009

Fantastic, blue sky, no rain, and more thermals than you could shake a stick at! Ok winds were light, but never the less, the NE slope produced lift all day, even allowing Ronnies heavy 60inch bullets to fly.

So what was the problem? The problem was, where was everybody? Poor turnout may have been caused by the the less than perfect forecast, F1 GP and maybe Fathers Day, but whatever, the crowds kept away. You missed a good day Guys!


Updated 20 Sept 2009

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2009

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

2009 / 2010


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