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Next Winter League is scheduled for the 8th Jan 2011

Snow around Horcum has been thawing quickly over the last few weeks. Still a lot of slushy stuff about, so the moor will be very wet. Lack of wind and a poor visibility have been a feature at Horcum recently, so things will need to improve for us to get a Competition in this weekend. Note - additional dates have been added to the calendar in Feb and Mar to cover the lost dates so far

Horcum Winter League 4th December 2010 is CANCELLED

I don't remember seeing this much snow at this time of year for some time! Yes we have had a covering at Horcum before during the December Winter League events before, but this must equal the levels seen in January this year

Harrogate Model Show 27th / 28th November 2010

Don't know whether it is just me, but is the show loosing its appeal. OK the weather didn't help, with several inches of snow covering the county, the number of visitors were definitely down on last year, but also not so many traders. Still a good few hours spent there, mainly I think chatting over a coffee and bacon butty!

Horcum F3F Winter League 6th Nov 2010
Updated 10th Nov 2010

Unfortunately the weather gods didn't play ball, and whilst we had blue sky and lots of sun, we didn't have sufficient wind to run a competition. The rules require a minimum of 3m/s (approx 7mph) and in reality that is about as low as you would want to try and fly 10 laps of the course in. The wind was frequently below this figure, and after around 30 flights from the 20 pilots, we called it a day. However Some great pictures here from Dave Watson

Horcum F3F Winter League 6th Nov 2010
Item Added to Club News 2nd Nov 2010

A new 2M Class for Slope Racing has been added to the Winter League Series, so if you would like to take part in F3F but don't feel you have the right kind of model, then the introduction of 2M class ( any model up to 2 meter span), is for you.

There will be lots of help at hand, so if you don't know what is involved in F3F, then don't worry, just come along and give it a go. More Details Here

BMFA L7 F3F competition at Huddersfield on Sunday 24th Oct 2010

With Light, bitterly cold winds from the North making for a very challenging day, Club Member Paul Middleton topped the leader board and nine other members in the points, this was a terrific day for the Club. Report Here

Indoor Flying Dates
Item Added to Club News 30th Sept 2010. Updated 19 Oct 2010

Click on link 'Indoor Flying Updates Here' for details

Welsh F3F Open 17/18/19th Sept 2010

Three days of fairly hectic flying, in conditions that ranged from very variable to ballistic, certainly proved to be very challenging. A completely different style of flying to that used at Horcum is required, not to mention landing which can be tricky in the strong rotor that exists at the back of some slopes.

Never-the-less, 9 Members from Horcum braved the Welsh hills and joined the other 40 UK and European flyers to witness three great days, and an un-official World Record set by Iñaki Elizondo of 29.37secs. The event ran very smoothly, thanks to the SWSA organisation, with the final results here. Club Member positions after the 11 Rounds were :-

5 Mark Redsell 8694.69
9 Keith Wood 8513.46
14 Richard Bago 8300.40
21 Paul Garnett 8067.52
25 Frank Hulton 7909.22
26 Jon Edison 7903.64
30 Paul Foster 7857.16
34 Paul Middleton 7769.81
36 Dave Wright 7693.65

Congratulations to every body for a great showing after some terrific flying

BMFA F3F Nationals -Hole of Horcum 4/5th Sept 2010

A cracking 2 days. 29 Competitors started the weekend. 14 rounds completed by 4:30 on Sunday, with some quite variable conditions throughout.
Congratulations to Mark Redsell on a terrific win, Simon Thornton second and Joel West third. Fastest time went to Mark with a 32.34 in R9.

T9hobbysports provided the various raffle prizes.

Results ( All Club members shown in Bold )

1 Mark Redsell 11380.61
2 Simon Thornton 10840.39
3 Joel West 10824.77
4 Paul Middleton 10774.80
5 Peter Gunning 10752.16
6 Martin Newnhan 10545.48
7 Dave Watson 10464.94
8 Mike Evans 10376.28
9 Richard Bago 10285.49
10 Keith Woods 10181.61

Full Results Here. Report Here

BMFA Nationals - Barkston Heath 28/29/30th Aug 2010

What a disappointing weekend! Strong winds just about grounded everything. The Pylon Racer's and the odd Helicopter braved the elements on Sunday, but apart from that not a sausage, except from the food vans that is. The Trade Stands looked busy, but the Swap Meet in the Hanger looked decidedly thin on the ground. Oh well here's to next year!

F3F Practice Day Saturday 21st Aug 2010

Great day if you like seeing how many slopes you can fly in one day! Well two actually, Levisham and the South slope. But we climbed Levisham twice, once to discover the South Slope would be best, and a second time when the wind swung back to Levisham! We were all cream crackered by 4pm, but managed 11 rounds between slopes. Several sub 40's were achieved by Keith Wood, Paul Middleton,and Mark Redsell who had the fastest of the three with a 36.91. Well done Guys. Full Results here

Rufforth Show 14/15th Aug 2010

Weather on the Saturday turned out to be pretty good. The only issue was the strengthening North wind which made landings tricky for the more lightly loaded models on the East/West facing runway. Sunday I believe was similar but with slightly less wind. Good collection of Models and Trade stands made for a pleasant day out.

Club Member Ronnie Lampe is 2010 60inch BMFA Nationals Champion
Item added to Club News 9th Aug 2010

Congratulations to Ronnie for a well deserved win at the Nationals held in Wales last weekend. Ronnie's flying has been terrific all year, and with the BMFA League still to complete, this could be a double for Ron. Other Club members featuring prominently were Paul Townsend in joint second place, and Frank Hulton in fifth. Well done Guys, Report by Clayton Landells here

F3F Practice Session Saturday 31th July 2010

Weather forecast was more or less spot on, 10mph Westerly with a chance of a shower or two. Well we only had the one shower, which, coinciding with lunch worked out perfectly. Lift was mostly pants, but occasionally, stonking air would come through, and a number of sub40's were achieved. Paul Middleton was the first with a cracking PB of 38.14. Mark Redsell continued to dominate, claiming first spot after 14 Rounds. Richard Bago, Ronnie Lampe and Paul Mid battled it out for second, third and fourth respectively. Several other Club Members flew, but didn't take part in the practice session. Result Here

Horizon Hobbies Recalls Spektrum AR6250 Receivers
Item added to Club News 19th July. Updated 25th July 2010

If you own one of these receivers, you should stop using it immediately, and return the unit to Horizon for a free upgrade. Details Here

I sent my receiver off to Horizon on Tuesday 20th and the replacement arrived Saturday 24th Jul. The replacement is called the AR6255 and appears very slightly bigger than the old model. Be careful when re-attaching servo and power cables, as the polarity of the new connector is reversed. Polarity is shown on the side of the case if you are not sure. Also don't send back the instruction sheet that came with your original AR 6250. The new receiver has an addendum sheet with it only, and refers to the old sheet for installation details etc.

F3F Practice Session Saturday 10th July 2010

Well, not quite the day we were expecting. South winds, warm temperatures,
and thermals to die for? Well two out of three aint bad, but the thermals
just didn't arrive in any regular format. High cloud didn't let the sun
penetrate, and as a consequence, there was just no real energy in the wind. Whilst there was a steady blow all day, ballistic it was not!

Mark Redsell was once again able to handle the air consistently with top slot, Paul Foster coaxed his Skorp into 2nd place, with Richard Bago and his Vikos storming into third. Loss of a servo on his Martinet required a Rich to change to his back up model, but he still managed the fastest time of the day with a 40.88. Results here

Item added to Club News 7th July 2010

If you haven't tried it yet, then I can thoroughly recommend it. It is described as a virtually odorless polyurethane adhesive which reacts with moisture to cure. It is a fairly thin clear liquid which will quite readily flow into gaps between components and expands as it cures. ( photo here ). I have used the 20min version and is available from T9Hobbysports.

F3F Practice Session Saturday 26th June 2010

Good day yet again. If the wind had been more Southerly, the South Bowl could have produce more cracking times, but Ronnie's terrific 37.62 was the fastest of the day, and the only sub40 to boot. The change of slope to cater for the more easterly content of the wind later in the day certainly felt better, but the times didn't appear to reflect that.

Another straight win for Mark, who coped with the variables better than most, but good to see Keith second and Ronnie third. Record holder Richard never found form today with his Martinet finishing fourth. Nice to see a couple of new faces taking part, Gary and Egon, who coped well with the South Bowls vagrancies.Results here

Hope the weather holds out for the Welsh event on the 4th July

NEW HORCUM F3F RECORD - Practice Session Saturday 19th June 2010

If you like your flying Rough, Rainy and Record breaking then you would have liked Saturday! Winds gusting to 55mph on the NW ridge ( never known for its smooth air ) frequent squally showers, but occasionally air to die for, then this was not going to be for the faint hearted. Only eight F3F flyers and two other Club Members braved it to the slope to witness some of the fastest flying ever seen at Horcum. Richard Bago's 32.07secs was a new Horcum record, and was flown in terrific style by Richard. Mark Redsell didn't disappoint either, with a similarly flown 32.38 one round later. Precision flying by these two was a joy to watch.

Casualties? only Ronnie Lampe's brolly which turned inside out in a fit of pique during a particularly gusty moment. Full Results Here

BMFA L2 60inch Competition on Saturday 22nd May 2010

The weather forecast for light Southerly winds put a lot of people off, and in the event only 10 entries were received. But the South Bowl came to the rescue and not only were the winds stronger than predicted ( gusts up 18mph! ) strong thermals in the scorching sunshine gave some superb racing.

Thanks to Clayton for keeping to tradition and calling the comp ON, and for running the show. Special thanks to Tim Shaw for lending Jon Edison two models and a transmitter to enable him to compete- brave man!

Full Results can be found on our Competitions Review page

BMFA L2 F3F competition on Sunday 23rd May. 2010

Terrific weather for lazing around in the sun and a doing a spot of thermal flying. No good at all for serious F3F flying. Competition abandoned after 2 rounds as the wind couldn't make up its mind which direction to blow from!

Full Results can be found on our Competitions Review page

Harrogate Model Engineering Show 7th- 9th May 2010

I know I should have put this date up earlier for those of you who didn't know about it, but for those who went, it was very much business as usual. Busy first thing Friday. Folks must be thinking that getting there early will beat the crowds -wrong! Go later, it certainly appeared less hectic in the afternoon. I can't talk for Sat or Sun, but would expect them maybe to be busier?

Model of the show for me was John MacNamara's F-14. Twin jet, swing wing fighter. Was destined to be model of the show, but as it had origins as a kit, it didn't qualify. John says it was massively reworked, and it certainly looked like it. Don't forget to let us know John when its maiden flight is!

Sir George Cayley Sailwing Club added to Links page

Impromptu F3F Practice Day Saturday 24 April 2010

With such a good forecast for the weekend, a quick call round to interested parties soon drew a gathering of 12 members for a practice session. The BMFA league event the previous weekend was scrubbed due to lack of wind, so some were keen to get a bit of flight time in before the next comp on the 22/23 May at Horcum. Results here

The good weather also brought out a few non F3F members. Hopefully we managed to slot them in to proceedings without them feeling left out!

In future practice sessions will be posted here, so those feeling like a whiz can come and join in

F3F Champion of Champions Results 2010

A fabulous two days on the Welsh Slopes gave 23 pilots 16 rounds of close fought competition in challenging conditions on 2 different slopes. Congratulations to Mark Redsell on his terrific win, and also for the fastest time of a blistering 32.82 secs.( All Club members shown in Bold )

Many thanks to Ian Mason of for his generosity in organising and sponsoring the event. Report and Pictures here

1 Mark Redsell Freestyler 13012.16
2 Simon Thornton Ceres / Extreme 12959.83
3 Mike Evans Cyril 12688.41
4 Peter Gunning Cyril / Extreme 12575.98
5 Joel West Cyril 12548.93
6 Greg Dakin Tanga / Race Mx 12352.29
7 Adam Richardson Strega / Extreme 12342.47
8 Scott Ravenscr Wizard F3F / Artist 12019.17
9 Mick Walsh Ceres 11981.26
10 Paul Middleton Skorpion / Vikos 11955.78
11 Richard Bago Xenon / Vikos 11832.15
12 Mark Passingham Freestyler / Cyril 11677.61
13 Frank Hulton Extreme 11572.95
14 Paul Garnett Vikos / Airone 11489.40
15 Jon Edison Skorpion / Sting 11441.26
16 Zim Smith Strega 11430.46
17 Scott Edwards New Sting 11418.85
18 Ron Russell Strega 11222.71
19 Andy Burgoyne Ascot 11123.46
20 Mark Abbotts Acacia2 / Caldera 11069.78
21 Ian Stewart Ceres 10601.47
22 Ian Mason Airone / Wizard F3F 10586.15
23 John Phillips Falcon 4219.94

For a full results breakdown, click here.

Many thanks to everybody who supported the Winter League Series, and look forward to a great Summer flying season.

Updated 20 Sept 2010

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2010

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

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