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F3F Winter League Results for Saturday 3rd December 2011

Great forecast didn't disappoint. Westerly winds all day for the 20 pilots to do battle with. Conditions were variable throughout the day, but 8 rounds achieved before the cutoff time of Sunset (c3:30) was a good call, as trying to achieve another round would have been impossible.

1st Mark Redsell
2nd Richard Bago
3rd Paul Garnett

Fastest time of the day went to Keith Wood with a 39.95. Report here

Hawk Club Rally on Saturday 26th Nov 2011

Do not fly at Horcum on Saturday 26th Nov. The Hawk Flying Club have requested exclusive use of the Horcum for their end of season bash, which we have agreed to on a one off basis. A meeting with the Hawk Club at the NYMPA Offices in Helmsley on the 5th December has been arranged to discuss this and other issues. In the meantime please do not use Horcum this Saturday.

Tykes Indoor Flying Dates Added
Dates updated 19 Nov 2011

Tykes Sunday morning Indoor flying dates are now available at the Sandburn Golf Club off the A64 north of York. This is a large heated hall, great for both Helis and Fixed Wing. BMFA insurance required for Helis, but fix wing is covered by our insurance. The hall is booked for 10:30 to 12:30. Remember that Burnholme School indoor flying has also started. Full Details here

F3F Winter League Results Saturday 5th Nov 2011

Poor weather nearly forced cancellation of our first Winter League. Low cloud and drizzle finally gave way to an overcast, but flyable day on the NW slopes. 14 pilots took part, completing 9 rounds before poor light stopped play.

1st Mark Redsell
2nd Paul Garnett
3rd Paul Middleton

Fastest time went to Paul Garnett with a 41.80 in R8. Report Here

F3F Practice Day scheduled for Saturday 29 Oct 2011

A final practice session, before the start of the Winter League Series, is planned for Saturday 29th Oct. All welcome. Remember there is a 2M class included in the WL, so you don't need a 'full house' F3F ship to compete.

BMFA League Final Results for 60inch

A terrific win for CLub Member Ronnie Lampe in the 60inch league. Great result after losing his Nationals crown earlier in the year. Well done Ron! Report Here

BMFA League 5 Results 10th / 11th Sept at the Long Mynd

Usual horrible weather forecast leading up to the event, but came good(ish) on the day. The 60inch Nationals on the Saturday saw Club Member Ronnie Lampe loose his 2010 Nationals crown by a whisker, but 5 club members in the top 10 aint bad.

The F3F on the Sunday saw 6 Club Members taking part with 3 finishing in the top 10. Mark Redsell taking fastest time of the day as well.

Results here

Burnholme Indoor Flying Starts Wednesday 14th Sept
Dates updated 11 Oct 2011

Burnholme indoor flying resumes 7pm to 9m on every other wednesday, starting on the 14th Sept. Tykes dates will be added later.

BMFA Nationals, Barkston Heath 27th / 28th / 29th Aug

The Silent Flight Nationals were held on the same weekend but at RAF Cottesmore. I managed to spend Saturday at Cottesmore and Sunday at Barkston. The weather stayed mainly dry apart from a shower on one day, but strengthening wind did make the flying a little tricky. At least most of the events took place unlike the previous year when the strong winds just about grounded everything! Several NYMRSC members we seen taking part in the SF Nats, I hope to have the results soon.

Large Model Show - Elvington 13th / 14th Aug 2011

This years show moved from Rufforth to Elvington. A great venue, plus entry to the museum was included in the entry fee, making for a good value day out! If the show stays at Elvington, I can see it becoming very popular. There was a fair selection of trade stands, and of course plenty of 'greasy spoons' to get your Bacon Butties! The Weather didn't misbehave too much either.

One hairy moment when a large Biplane slewed on take off, cleared the spectators along the flight line and then crashed in front of a trade stand! Scary or what? - I was stood in the entrance to the stand at the time! Fortunately no-one was hurt.

Car Parking at the Hole of Horcum
Report Added 26th Jul 2011

If you have visited the 'Hole' recently, you will have noticed that the North York Moors Park Authority are now charging for parking in the main car park. The good news is that these charges do NOT apply to members of the NYMRSC when flying at the Hole. We have agreed with the Park Authority that our Members will identity themselves by leaving their Club Badge on the dashboard of their cars.

Pete Walkingshaw Wins the 2011 Bowden Trophy!
Report Added 14th Jul 2011. Updated 30 July 2011

Just to demonstrate the many talents of our members, Pete Walkinshaw, a long serving member of the Club and one time supporter of PSS, has won the Bowden Trophy at the 2011 BMFA Free Flight Nationals held at Barkston Heath. Pete's report and pictures here

North of England Eurotour Open 9th / 10th July 2011

The trouble with this outdoor hobby is that the weather can make or break the best laid plans. It certainly tried hard again this weekend. Light winds and frequent showers nearly prevented the competition from even starting. But persistence paid off, and were eventually rewarded with 5 rounds over the 2 days.

There were moments of good air and great flying. Dieter Perlick demonstrated the technique on more than one occasion to win the event and take fastest time. Espen Torp also won a round to take second place, and Joel West, who had it not been for a cut during some stonking air, may have placed higher, but a creditable third all the same.

Team prize went to our very own trio of Richard Bago, Paul Middleton and Keith Wood, masquerading under some bizarre name of Dicky Hearts and the Pacemakers

NYMRSC Member positions as follows :-

6 Paul Middleton
8 Keith Wood
9 Richard Bago
10 Jon Edison
17 Frank Hulton
18 Paul Townsend
20 Alan Scupham
24 Ronnie Lampe
26 Mark Treble

Full results here

BMFA F3F Nationals and WC Team Trials, 25th / 26th June 2011

The Welsh weather did its best to try and spoil the Nationals and our first ever World Championship Team Selection trials. Saturday was a complete washout, even the sheep looked as though they had had enough! But,Sunday was a cracker, and 29 pilots managed a magnificent 8 rounds in scorching sunshine, and near perfect conditions. NYMRSC Members had generally mixed results, but Mark Redsell once again showed his form, and apart from one slip, came in a magnificent 2nd.
Final Members positions were:-

2nd Mark Redsell
10th Keith Wood
12th Frank Hulton
14th Richard Bago
16th Paul Middleton
20th Jon Edison

Full results and report here

Thanks to the SWSA for hosting, Martin Newnham for the all his efforts in pulling it all together, and all the guys who helped and took part

HORCUM F3F Record Smashed!!
BMFA League 3 Results at HoH 21st / 22nd May 2011

What a terrific weekend. The 60inch racing on the Saturday was great fun. The South Bowl at Horcum with sunshine and good winds is the place to be. Some very close racing throughout the day, with Ronnie Lampe finally coming out on top, Mark Abbots second and Mike Evans third. Full Results here

Sundays F3F racing was awesome. With winds blowing at 50mph+ on the edge of Levisham, the scene was set for some very fast racing. With over 40 runs under 40secs, this gives some idea of the conditions. In the very first round Martin Newnham broke the Horcum record with a 32.00sec run. Not to be outdone Mark Redsell reset the record with a 31.30secs in R4 before finally nailing it with a 30.90secs in R5 making him the fastest UK pilot ever!! Mark won the event, Joel West second and Peter Gunning third. Full Results here

Harrogate Model Engineering Show 13th / 14th / 15th May 2011
Updated 16th May 2011

Managed to get to the Show on Sunday this year. Very quiet in comparison to last year, but I believe Saturday and Sundays are the quieter days. Maybe bargain hunters in the trade hall swell the numbers on the first day! Didn't find those wow factor exhibits this year, but still a lot of models and several NYMRSC Club members had exhibited items, plus a few Club members attending the show as well. All in all a good day out.

BMFA League 2 Results at Huddersfield 7th / 8th May 2011

The 60inch on the Saturday was cancelled due lack of the 'right' winds, but the Sunday F3F had a terrific day, which went totally against the weather forecast. Not a drop of rain and winds gusting over 40mph. In fact the gusty conditions caught a few flyers out, resulting in either penalty points for crossing the safety line, or in a few cases, model damage.

This all made for very difficult flying conditions, with the 24 pilots having their work cut out to make the most of their given conditions. So after 9 rounds, congratulations go to a very consistent Joel West in first place, with Mark Redsell in second, pushing Richard Bago into third place in the very last round! Joel also had the fastest time of the day with a 36.25. Full Results here

F3F Practice Day Saturday 2 April 2011

Mixed forecast, didn't really look promising, but guess what? an excellent day! The forecast obviously put some flyers off. However in true Horcum fashion, you never know just what you are going to get. Try 36mph on the South slope in the morning, turning to similar conditions on Levisham by the afternoon, and we had a great day's flying. Full results here.

Winter League Fly-off in Wales Abandoned!

The annual fly-off between all the various F3F Winter League Qualifiers in Wales over the weekend of the 26th / 27th March suffered from a severe lack of wind. Not one round was completed in the two days, before the competition was finally abandoned early Sunday afternoon. Still, we did come home with a suntan!

Winter League Final Positions

The final event was cancelled due to a poor wind forecast, so the final results for the 2010/2011 Winter League are :-

1 Mark Redsell
2 Richard Bago
3 Peter Gunning

For the Winter League Fly-off to be held in Wales on the 26 / 27 March, the following members have qualified to attend:-

1 Mark Redsell
2 Richard Bago
3 Peter Gunning
4 Keith Wood
5 Jon Edison

Good luck Guys, and lets hope the weather gods play ball

Annual AGM 13th MARCH 2011

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Good news is that the Subs remain at £20 as per previous years, but for this year only, will cover members for 2 years!

Winter League F3F results - Saturday 5th March 2011

At last, decent weather conditions without any ifs and buts. A steady but chilly NE wind all day, some variation in the lift but you could hardly say it was thermal! The grey misty start to the day soon cleared, and flying got underway by about 10:30. 14 pilots made for a quick round time, and by 16:30 a halt was called after a strenuous 14 rounds.

With an exact re-run of the results of the January Winter League, Mark Redsell finally took 1st place after pushing a very determined Richard Bago into 2nd from top spot just two rounds from the end, whilst Peter Gunning chased all the way in 3rd.

Fastest time of the day went to Peter with a time of 41.59

1 Mark Redsell Freestyler 11680.82
2 Richard Bago Martinet 11498.89
3 Peter Gunning Cyril 11412.30
4 Dave Wright Zeus 11081.14
5 Keith Wood Freestyler 10955.18
6 Frank Hulton Extreme 10601.96
7 Dave Watson Vikos 10341.84
8 Jon Edison Extreme 10327.10
9 Jon Wells Espada 10106.15
10 Mike Mccracken Ascot 10077.89
11 George Young Vikos 9654.81
12 Egon Lewin Acacia II 9574.97
13 Mark Treble W. Compact 9381.67
14 Steve Kenyon Acacia II 8882.42

Thanks to Frank for keeping the buzzers manned, and to Mark and Richard for CD duties and to all the pilots who made for a terrific day

Final Winter League event is scheduled for the 19th March. The current positions will be published prior to this date so the top three pilots will be known as soon as possible after the event.

Full report to follow

19th Feb Winter League Cancelled

Well we must have done something to anger the Weather Gods!! With Rain AND Snow forecast for all day Saturday, yet another round of this years Winter League bites the dust, or should that be sinks below the waterline!

5th Feb Winter League Cancelled

After a very stormy Friday ( winds speeds at Fylingdales recorded at 70mph ), the weather for Saturday takes a rather more benign phase with winds around the barely legal ( 8mph ) and variable amounts of rain all day.
The good news is that the reserve date of the 19th Feb kicks in, so fingers crossed for an event in a fortnights time.

Access to Levisham is very difficult!
Added 10th Jan 2011

Great care is needed on the path up the Slope at Levisham. Deep snow still covers the path near the top. Access across this snow is very precarious. The route to the right of the seat at the start of the hill was found to be easier, but still required a careful traverse of snow along the top

Winter League F3F Results. Saturday 8th Jan 2011

At last, the first scoring round of our Winter League! The weather forecast being spot on. The early rain cleared to give a cloudless blue sky for the rest of the day. The forecasted wind direction of NW turning W, gave Levisham as the only choice, but meant that the 14 pilots had a bit of a hike between slopes as the wind changed. Still 7 rounds were completed before the setting sun stopped play.

Once again Mark Redsell showed his mastery of the slope in first place, closely followed by Richard Bago in second, and Peter Gunning in third. Peter also had the fastest time of the day with a 40.83

1 Mark Redsell Freestyler 5865.13
2 Rich Bago Martinet 5598.20
3 Peter Gunning Cyril 5584.10
4 Paul Middleton Vikos / Skorp 5283.30
5 John Thornton Skorp 5261.31
6 Keith Wood Freestyler 5053.30
7 Mike McCracken Skorp / Ascot 4889.43
8 Jon Edison Extreme 4859.21
9 Mick Lideard Vikos 4630.68
10 Frank Hulton Extreme 4507.32
11 Alan Scupham Pike WR 4477.22
12 Egon Lewin Acacia 2 4237.72
13 Mark Treble Dragon 3907.09
14 Paul Garnett Xfire 2 881.11

Full report to follow


Updated 20 Sept 2011

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2011

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

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