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Second F3F Winter League 1st Dec 2012

Never trust a weatherman! Ok we accept when it says showers, they may be a bit longer and a bit wetter, but hey, not a Blizzard lasting several hours!! Just when things began look bleak, the snow suddenly stopped and we had blue sky for the rest of the day, well not quite, but good enough to get a 6 round competition in, on the NW slope with 15 pilots.

Martin Newnham took first place, with Paul Upton in second and Rich Bago in third. Fastest time went to Martin with a 36.58 in R1. Well done guys. Thanks to everyone for helping with today's proceedings, and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Next Winter League will be 5th Jan 2013. Full results from today here

First F3F Winter League 3rd Nov 2012

Great weather forecast which just didn't materialise. Thick fog persisted until midday, windless until around early afternoon, then light winds barely getting above the legal limit of 3 m/s. For a while it looked like we could achieve the required four rounds to be able to call it an official result, but after three very variable rounds and a slowly setting sun, the attempt at a fourth round was abandoned.

Shame really, as 21 pilots had made the effort from nearly all corners of the UK, but hopefully, judging by the banter and barracking that went on, they all enjoyed the day. Next Winter League will be 1st December. Full results here

BMFA 2012 F3F League Results

The final round of the BMFA F3F league was completed last weekend in Eastbourne. The results were an exact replica of the WC finishing order, with a great win for Martin Newnham, Mark Redsell second and Simon Thornton third. So the final BMFA league positions for 2012 are :-

1st Martin Newnham
2nd Rich Bago
3rd Mark Redsell

The top three places taken by Club Members. Great show Guys.
Report on the 2012 League Here.
Looking forward to the start of the Winter League Series on the 3rd November. Full Dates and Details Here.

World F3F Championships in Rugen Germany 6th - 13th Oct 2012

The UK F3F Team consisting of Martin Newnham*, Mark Redsell* and Simon Thornton, together with Team Manager John Phillips took part in the first ever F3F World Championship held in Rugen, Northern Germany. Despite being on unfamiliar slopes, our guys showed their world class potential, finishing 12th, 13th and 14th respectively out of 52 pilots. More information can be found at the official WC Web Site here . *Club Members

Welsh F3F Open 14th / 15th / 16th September 2012

Ten members of the Club attended the annual Welsh Open event at the Bwlch in South Wales, accounting for nearly 25% of the entrants! With flying on all three days, it was probably the best weather at a Welsh event in recent years, although the last day did stop short due to some very wet rain! Martin Newnham won the event in convincing style, with Inaki Elizondo from Spain in 2nd and Mike Evans in 3rd

Club Member positions were :-

1  Martin Newnham
14 Richard Bago
15 Tom Foreman
18 Paul Garnett
19 Keith Wood
25 Ronnie Lampe
27 Mark Treble
28 Frank Hulton
29 Dave Wright
33 Jon Edison

Great show guys and well done for three very hard days in challenging Welsh conditions! Report and full results here

More Club Members grab the Headlines! Sept 2012

Paul Upton and Tom Foreman travelled North once again, but this time for the Scottish F3F Nationals held at Bishop Hill in Kinross-shire near Perth. All their practice at Horcum paid off, with Paul winning the event and Tom coming third. Paul also took the fastest time of the day with a 34.58. Well done Guys. Full Report Here

BMFA Nationals, Barkston Heath 25th / 26th / 27th Aug 2012

Terrific day out! Sunday was absolutely packed with visitors. Not surprising really as this was forecast to be the best day of the weekend. Didn't look as many trade stands this year, and the swap meet was chaotic, being held totally outside. The hanger which is usually used looked full of full sized aircraft. Some great flying on the Show line and the C/L speed was its usual impressive mix of manic speed and noise. A day not to be missed.

Large Model Show, Elvington 11th / 12th Aug 2012

This years show was back at Elvington, and with the good weather forecast, was destined to be another great event. Shame the museum entry wasn't included this year, but a good selection of trade stands made for an enjoyable day or two. Some great models as well. A few photographs here to give a flavour of the event.

Club Members in the News Aug 2012

Pete Walkingshaw spent a very wet weekend at Barkston Heath attempting to defend his 2011 Bowden Trophy Title. Unfortunately the weather got the better of Pete, and the Trophy will have to wait for another year. However this is turning out to be a family affair, as Pete's brother Don managed a very creditable 4th place. Good report in the September RCM&E.

The F3F Champion of Champion's event held at Horcum at the end of March, features in the August edition of Quiet Flight & Electric International. Thanks to Ian Mason for a terrific report.

BMFA F3F Nationals 23rd / 24th June 2012

After the most dire weather forecast imaginable, we actually had a great weekend. As with all two day events, no weather call is implemented, so the show goes on regardless. Well Saturday turned out to be a stonking day, the early rain clearing to give a strong and blustery Westerly wind on Levisham, and as it turned out the better of the two days. 9 rounds with over 35 sub 40's, no doubt a few PB's, and the odd incident on landing ( well me actually! ). Sunday, again was a fairly rain free day, but with the wind swing from NW to W, we ended up chasing the wind and only managed to complete one more round. Shame, but did get some good exercise!

A great first win for club member Paul Upton, with another popular member Rich Bago in second, with an always happy Simon Thornton in third. Paul cemented his win by also taking the FTD with a 34.07

Full results here, with other Club Member positions as follows :-

1 Paul Upton Needle 124
2 Rich Bago Needle 124
4 Dave Wright Needle 124
9 Mark Redsell Freestyler
12 Ronnie Lampe Strega
14 Martin Newnham Freestyler
15 Paul Middleton Vikos
16 Keith Wood Freestyler
17 Tom Foreman Cyril
18 Frank Hulton Extreme
20 Mark Treble Needle 100
23 Egon Lewin Strega
24 Jon Edison Extreme

Thanks to Martin for his usual excellent organisation, and Rich, Mark and Simon for CD'ing, Ronnie for Buzzer Supremo, and everbody who helped with the kit and course setup.

The next round of the BMFA League is being held for the first time in Scotland, on the 14th / 15th July. See you all there. Now for a bit of repair work!

BMFA L3 12th / 13th May 2012

What a cracking day!  Wind square on to Levisham all day, and speed to die for. Well not quite, but you know what I mean. Trouble was the lift was variable and the gusts made standing on the edge quite difficult, not to mention trying to fly at the same time! But for those who could do both successfully then it was ballistic. 26 sub forties, and several PB's to boot.
A great win for Club member Richard Bago, with Greg Dakin in second, and Peter Gunning in third. Fastest time of the day with a terrific 31.32 was Ronnie Lampe with his Strega.

1st   Rich Bago      
2nd   Greg Dakin     
3rd   Peter Gunning  

Other Club Members :-

4th   Paul Upton       
5th   Ronnie Lampe   
6th   Mark Redsell    
10th  Frank Hulton    
13th  Tom Foreman    
15th  Jon Edison       
16th  Egon Lewin       
17th  Mark Treble     
18th  George Young    
19th  Paul Garnett     
20th  Bob Dickinson    
22th  Keith Wood      

Full Results Here

Thanks to everyone who helped run the day and ferried equipment up and down the hill

BMFA L2 Cancelled. 29th April 2012

The prospects of a good weekend never looked good, but Saturday was to be the better day giving the 60" League at least a chance of being run.Wrong! Saturday just rained and rained. Apart from a brief respite around midday, it rained continuously. The racing was abandoned at 2pm and a very soggy group headed for home. The F3F had already been called off due to a poor Sunday forecast.

Champion of Champions Event 31st march / 1st April 2012

Great weekend with some terrific flying by all concerned. Saturday being the more productive day, with eight rounds completed. Sunday we had to wait for the wind to make its mind up,finally settling on WNW. With the earlier finish of 3pm meant we only managed another three rounds, making eleven in total.

Final results gave a terrific win to Simon Thornton, with Martin Newnham in second followed by Club Member Paul Garnett in third. Paul also claimed the fastest time with a 34.40 in R4.

Tony Fu of Slope Racer fame, who kindly sponsored the event, was on hand to present the Trophies and draw the raffle. The Willow F3F kindly donated by Tony was won by Andrzej Tabero.

Many thanks to all who helped. Particular thanks to Ian Mason for his pre race work, and support with the raffle prize. Ronnie Lampe and Adam Richardson for their help during the day. Richard Bago and Andrzej for Cding, Keith Wood and everyone who helped carry all the kit up and down the hill!

Other Club Member Positions :-

4th Richard Bago
5th Mark Redsell
10th Keith Wood
12th Paul Middleton
13th Ronnie Lampe
16th Mark Treble
18th Jon Edison
20th George Young

Report and Full Results Here

NYMRSC AGM on the 25th March 2012

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Remember, your current subscriptions do not run out until March 2013!

F3F Final Winter League Results for Saturday 10th March 2012

Fantastic spring weather greeted us at Levisham for our final winter league event of the season. A WNW wind forecast was a little disappointing as we know Levisham can be very bumpy with a northerly content to the wind. It didn't disappoint! Buckets of sink followed by the odd thermal all mixed together with rough air, made for a very challenging day. The 16 pilots hopefully managed some good air over the 11 rounds completed.

1st Peter Gunning
2nd Mark Redsell
3rd Paul Middleton

Fastest time went to Frank Hulton with a cracking 38.54. Full Results here

Team Trial Results 2012

What a great weekend end, and what a great result. Club Member Mark Redsell lead all the way to finish first, with Simon Thornton second and Martin Newnham third. These are the three Guys who will represent the UK at the World Championships in Germany, we wish them well. But some great flying by other Club members too, with Rich Bago as second reserve.

Final positions are :-
1st Mark Redsell
2nd Simon Thornton
3rd Martin Newnham

1st Reserve Peter Gunning
2nd Reserve Richard bago

Other Club Member positions:-
7th Paul Middleton
9th Frank Hulton
10th Paul Upton
13th Mark Treble
14th Tom Foreman
15th Jon Edison

Full results to follow soon.

Team Trials 25th / 26th Feb 2012

The final stage of the Team Selection process will be taking place at Horcum on the 25 / 26 Feb. This is in order to select the 3 man team which will represent the UK at the forthcoming F3F World Championships in Germany later in the year.


If you took part in the first stage in Wales last year, you are eligible to take part in this final stage, but does require a commitment to attend the WC if you qualify! If you have not already done so, contact Martin Newnham ( the BMFA League Coordinator to register.


In addition to pilots, we would like volunteers to help with manning the buzzers. Even if you could spare just one day, that would be  great help. Contact Jon Edison if you are able to help.

F3F Practice session Saturday 18th Feb 2012

A practice session has been called for Saturday 18th Feb, All welcome.
This was to have been a reserve date for the Winter League, but due to all the league dates to date completing, the reserve dates will not be required

F3F Winter League Results for Saturday 4th Feb 2012

With a temperature forecast of 1 degC and Southerly winds gusting up to 40mph, the prospects of being frozen rigid on the slope was a real prospect. And boy was it cold! Any exposed skin was to be avoided, and those flying without gloves soon realised that the 50secs or so stood completing their round was painful. Still, 18 pilots choose to brave the conditions, and completed a magnificent 8 rounds, before making a hasty retreat as the snow arrived.

1st Mark Redsell
2nd Simon Thornton
3rd Martin Newnham

Fastest time of the day went to Simon with a magnificent 33.24. Report Here

F3F Winter League Results for Saturday 7th Jan 2012

With a terrific forecast we thought we were in for a great days racing. The wind had other ideas. XCweather showed West, all the forecast were for West, even the flags along the A64 showed West. Was it West? well sometimes! Conditions swung from NW to W throughout the day, making the choice of slope impossible. We finally settled on the more Northern facing edge of Levisham, as the best we could do. After 6 bumpy turbulent rounds the 18 pilots had had enough.


Updated 20 Sept 2012

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2012

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

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