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GBSRA Slope Racing Association

Terrific news for Slope racing fans. A New BMFA Specialist Body has been formed to support the Slope Racing fraternity in the Uk. Known as the Great Britian Slope Racing Association, its aims are to promote and support Slope Racing in the UK. Martin Newnham has put a great deal of effort into getting the association into operation and I am sure we can all give Martin our support he deserves. To become a member of the association and other details can be found here

Winter League Round 2 - 7th Dec 2013

With R1 of the Winter league called off, the prospect of R2 not taking place as well was a distinct possibility. Very high winds during the week ( 70mph recorded at Fylingdales ) finally subsided before the weekend, and the comp was on.

Due to other commitments, I was unable to be there, so I can only report that 12 pilots managed 10 rounds. Mark Redsell was the winner, with Paul Garnett in second and Rich Bago third. Fastest time went to Paul with a 40.32 in R7

Full results here

Levisham Road Closures
Updated 31 Oct 2013

I have been advised that the road between Lockton and Levisham will be CLOSED for 7 weeks from 28th Oct 2013 for drainage works.

The road is closed 9am to 12:00pm and 12:30pm to 3:30pm
The NYMPA confirmed that this is weekdays only.

Please be aware if you are planning a trip to Levisham during this time.

Also the parking area at Levisham is a bit of a mess due to Forestry Logging operations. Take care when parking there.

BMFA League Reserve 27th Oct 2013 Horcum

As the F3F comp in May at the Hole of Horcum didn't take place, the reserve date automatically kicks in and we had another opportunity to hold the event. This time the weather forecast looked pretty good with very strong SSW all day with the slight chance of some showers.
The day started brilliantly, with blue skies and a good blow on the South bowl. The early rounds were ballistic, and sub 40's being the order of the day. Things turned a little awkward as we went into the afternoon, with the winds turning SW, creating some very bumpy conditions. The prospect of a move to Levisham didn't appeal to the 23 flyers, so the comp was finally stopped after only 4 rounds.
The winner was Mark Redsell, with Martin Newnham second and Simon Thornton third. Mark also had the fastest time of the day with a 32.03.Well done guys!

Results :-

1 Mark Redsell
2 Marin Newnham
3 Simon Thornton

Other Club Member positions :-

4 Peter Gunning
8 Paul Upton
9 Rich Bago
11 Keith Wood
12 Jon Edison
13 Frank Hulton
14 Tom Foreman
15 Ronnie Lampe
16 George Young
17 Mark Treble
19 Egon Lewin
20 Ganzalo Garcia-Antance
22 Roger Groves

Full Results here.

Thanks to everyone for their help, and look forward to the start of the Winter Series on the 2nd Nov


Welsh F3F Open 20th - 22nd Sept 2013

The Welsh Open can be a great event, and it can be occasionally be a let down. This year was a bit of a let down. Only one half day flying with just 3 rounds completed. Terrific organisation as usual; no one could have done better against a totally inclement weather pattern that descended over South Wales for virtually the whole weekend. Oh well here's to next year!

Well done to Club members Peter Gunning, Martin Newnham, and Simon Thornton for 1st, 3rd and Fastest time respectively.

Results :-

1 Peter Gunning
2 Jose Luis Alvares
3 Martin Newnham

Other Club Members Positions :-

5 Simon Thornton
9 Paul Upton
12 Paul Garnet
14 Rich Bago
16 Frank Hulton
18 Mark Redsell
21 Jon Edison
22 Keith Wood
29 Ronnie Lampe
34 Mark Treble
43 Tom Foreman


BMFA Nationals Barkston Heath 24th / 26th Aug 2013

Fortunately the weather gods weren't too unkind this year, with only Saturday being a pretty dismal day. Sunday got brighter as the day progressed and was warm enough to sit and watch some great flying. The fun flying on the Saturday evening after all the 'serious' stuff had finished provided some great entertainment judging by the roar of the crowds around the Free Flight Area!

I spent Monday at RAF Cranwell for the 2m eSoaring event. Almost clear blue sky but with a fresh N / NE wind made for some tricky flying. Managed 7th in my first Thermal Soaring Nationals. Must improve my landing technique though!!

Large Model Show - Elvington 10th / 11th Aug 2013

Back at Elvington again, and with the good weather forecast, was destined to be another great event. The Trade Stands were there in force, with HobbyKing and ALS hobbies being noteable additions. Some good models again, but maybe not quite up to last years ensemble. The highlight of the weekend being the flypast of the last remaining Vulcan. A few photographs here to give a flavour of the event.

F3F Slope Glide 3rd / 4th Aug 2013
Updated 9 Aug 2013

Two days of near perfect weather, warm windy and dry throughout, kept the flying competition rolling unhindered. Levisham on the first day proved a challenge, but with only 16 pilots entered, a cracking ten rounds were easily achieved.
Sunday saw a rare chance to sample the South Bowls offerings, and whilst not as bumpy and rough as Levisham the day before, still presented a variable set of conditions. Another ten rounds were accomplish, making for an almost record breaking 20 rounds over the two days.
Great camaraderie, teamwork and sporting atmosphere made for a very enjoyable weekend. Results, Mark Redsell in first, John Phillips second and Greg Dakin third.
Well done Guys.

Other Club Member Positions were :-

4 Martin Newnham Freestyler4
5 Rich Bago Needle124
6 Paul Garnet Crossfire
8 Keith Wood Needle124 / Freestyler3
9 Ronnie Lampe Needle124 / Strega
10 Tom Foreman Stinger
11 Jon Edison Needle124
15 Frank Hulton New Sting

Full results here.

North of England F3F Open 29th / 30th June 2013

This is a very popular International event. It now forms part of the Contest Eurotour competitions, and this year for the first time is also a round in the World Cup series of events. 41 pilots in total, with 15 from Europe. Of the 26 UK pilots, 14 were NYMRSC Club members.

A dry and sunny weekend greeted all the competitors, and once again Levisham hosted the event. A slow start on the Saturday as the wind couldn't make up its mind, but eventually 3 rounds were flown. Sunday was more promising, and with a good WSW wind, a further 6 rounds were flown.

A great win for Alvaro Silgado from Spain, with Club Members Simon Thornton in second and Mark Redsell in third. Mark also took the FTD with a 33.69

Other Club Members positions were :-

6 Martin Newnham Freestyler4
8 Paul Garnett Crossfire
9 Rich Bago Needle124
11 Peter Gunning Stinger
18 Paul Upton Vampire
19 Ronnie Lampe Needle124
24 Mark Treble Toxic
27 Jon Edison Needle124
28 Tom Foreman Stinger
29 Keith Woods Freestyler3
34 Dave Watson Needle124
39 Frank Hulton Willow

Thanks to Richard, Mark R, Ronnie and Martin for CD duties throughout the day and Mark T and Frank for Buzzer Supremo duties. A big thanks to all the pilots and helpers who made the weekend such a success.

Full results here

BMFA F3F Nationals 8th / 9th June 2013 - Wales

The terrific weather continued, and for once in quite a while, we had a two day competition blessed with blue skies, sunshine, and just the right amount of wind to make make it a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Great organisation from Martin, Andrzej giving up his weekend to CD the event, and John Phillips being the, not to be argued with, buzzer supreme. Well done guys!

Joel West won the event with Cub Members Martin Newnham second and Mark Redsell third. Joel also had the FTD with a superb 29.75!!
Other NYMRSC members figured well :-

5 Paul Upton Needle124 / Race M
8 Rich Bago Avalon / Needle124
11 Tom Foreman Stinger
13 Frank Hulton Willow
14 Mark Treble Needle124
15 Paul Garnett Needle124
16 Keith Wood Needle124 / Freestyler3
17 Simon Thornton Needle124
20 Ronnie Lampe Needle124 / Strega
22 Jon Edison Needle124

Reports, results and pictures :- Here Here

Freeflight Nationals 25th / 26th / 27th May 2013

Not quite Slope Soaring, but anything with gliders has got to be good! With the best weather for a Bank Holiday weekend for some years, the Free Flight Nationals took place at Barkston Heath in near perfect conditions. Not on the scale of the Power Nats later in the year, but never-the-less a large group of dedicated modelers gathered for all sorts of mayhem, ranging from Hand Launch to Rocket Powered Gliders, and every form of launch aid in between. Club interest was provided by Pete Walkinshaw attempting to regain his Bowden Trophy which he last won in 2011. Despite a great first flight, Pete needed a near perfect second flight to stay in contention. Fine adjustments to the model failed to secure the necessary flight time, but Pete still managed a very creditable 10th place from a huge field of 40 entrants!

BMFA F3F League 3 HoH 19th May 2013

How frustrating! Weather was windy all week, but just when you just want it most - none! Using the weather call now implemented in the BMFA League system, the competition was cancelled on the Friday evening prior to the event. Reason? all the major weather sites were showing wind speeds of around 3-4mph all day. Minimum speed for F3F is 7mph, and even that can be painfully slow.

Harrogate Model Engineering Show 10th / 11th /12th May 2013
Updated 14 May 2013

Managed to visit the show on Saturday this year. Very busy first thing in the morning, but gradually improved as the day progressed. Good display of Model Aircraft by the Harrogate Club, and a flight simm in operation on another. Crashed a few times on the simulator, then discovered the ailerons were reversed! Oh dear, should have checked!. Some big names missing from the show this year - hope this is not a sign of things to come?

Indoor Flying Dates added for 2013 / 2014
Details added 30 Mar 2013

Tykes Sports Hall has again been booked for Indoor Flying on a Sunday morning for the 2013 / 2014 season. Hopefully an evening venue will also be included in due course. Current Dates here

NYMRSC AGM on the 3rd March 2013

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Remember, your current subscriptions will need renewal at the end of March.Subs remain the same as previous years, ie £20 for Full Members, £10 for Seniors, £5 Juniors and Students. Cheques made payable to NYMRSC and send to Jon Edison using the Renewal form here.

Final Round of the F3F Winter League now 16th Mar 2013
updated 16th March 2013

A terrific Winter League series so far. Two rounds lost due to weather, and both because the wind didn't blow hard enough!  Reserve dates therefore kicked in, but the Weather Forecast for the 16th March was so dire ( Low pressure slap over the country, light winds from all directions ) that the event was cancelled. Actual weather at 9am on the day was a strong Southerly!. Ah well thats Sloping for you. Final results here

Fourth F3F Winter League 2nd Feb 2013

A great days flying. Occasional sunshine helped to take the edge off the biting NW winds, making the severe wind chill and snow covered ground more bearable. The last round in progress was to be around 3:30pm or 10 Rounds, whichever came soonest.

As it turned out, the 10 rounds were achieved relatively easily by the 14 pilots, allowing for an orderly retreat off the moors before the sun finally went down.

Some variable wind conditions made for a great scrap at the top, with Mark Redsell coming out the winner, just managing to hold off Richard Bago in second and Paul Garnett in the third. Mark also took FTD of 33.43. Well done guys. Full results here.

The final round will be on the 2nd Mar

Third F3F Winter League 5th Jan 2013

Well how keen can you get? By the time I arrived at 9:20 most of the Pilots were sat on the South Bowl waiting for the course to arrive! 18 pilots enjoyed the relatively warm conditions for a January day, on our favourite slope.

Slightly misty start, but with winds from the SSW and well above the legal limit, racing began at 10:15 and continue uninterrupted until R9 when a varying wind speed and direction cause a break in proceedings before the round was eventually stopped.

So, after 8 rounds, an excellent win for Mark Redsell, Simon Thornton second and Peter Gunning in third. Mark also took FTD with a 39.50 in R6. Well done Guys. Full results here.

Next round will be on the 2nd Feb


Updated 20 Sept 2013

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2013

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

2013 / 2014


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