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Second Round of the F3F Winter League 6th Dec 2014

Well I need not have worried about the slope to be on; the dreaded SW winds did not arrive. Fortunately Southerly ones did! Yeehaa, south bowl it was. Still we had a slight wait until the wind reached the magical legal limit, but from then on, it was all go.

The later start and earlier lighting up time meant we couldn't complete as many rounds as last time, but we still managed a creditable 7, at a rate of one very half hour, which was good going for the eager 16 pilots.

Mark Treble's new Android Race Management software completed its first full competition. Apart from organising the race, this software will allow smart phones to log on and view live scoring. Great work Mark.

And finally the results. Mark Redsell had a commanding win, Martin Newnham a close second and a terrific third place for Paul Upton. ( New fatherly duties have kept him away from the slope of late, so congratulations to Paul on both counts ). FTD went to Martin with a 50.85. Well done guys.

Full results here

Summary results are :-

1 Mark Redsell  5973.70 Freestyler4
2 Martin Newnham 5807.17 Freestyler4
3 Paul Upton      5601.86 Vampire
4 Peter Gunning 5600.31 Freestyler3 / Jedi
5 Greg Dakin 5520.04 Fosa
6 Ronnie Lampe 5510.37 Freestyler
7 Mark Treble 5486.63 Toxic
8 Rich Bago 5452.91 Freestyler3
9 Jon Edison  5259.54 Needle124
10 Neil Shead  5116.21 Strega
11 Keith Wood 5106.76 Freestyler4
12 John Tideswell 5020.06 Martinet
13 George Young 4940.43 Stinger / Pike
14 Roger Groves 4583.69 Sting
15 Bob Dickenson  4350.98 Ascot
16 Roy Hampshire 3954.28 Mini Mac

Thanks to everyone for their help.

First F3F Winter league Event 1st Nov 2014

A difficult start to the Winter League. Plenty of wind, lots of sunshine, in fact a very nice autumnal day. Only one problem - the wind direction. SW will work at both Levisham and the South Bowl, but if it is slightly one way or t'other then it favours one or other of those slopes. The judgment was for Levisham. The forecast was for the South!. OK a change of slope later in the day it would have to be.
Levisham is variable at the best of times, and ran true to form. But hey, isn't a bit of variability part of the fun? Some may disagree, but an interesting 4 rounds were completed, before we upped sticks and moved to the South Bowl. Another 4 rounds completed just as the light was failing, gave the 19 pilots a total of 8 rounds. Not bad all things being considered.

Martin Newnham was the eventual winner, Rich Bago second and Greg Dakin third. Martin also had the FTD of 36:13. Well done guys.

Full results here

Summary Results :-

1 Martin Newnham 6454.75 1000.00
2 Rich Bago 6435.46 997.01
3 Greg Dakin 6279.78 972.89
4 Mark Redsell 6253.22 968.77
5 Jonathan Wells 6159.82 954.30
6 Dave Wright 6147.82 952.44
7 Peter Gunning 6137.95 950.91
8 Ronnie Lampe 5963.86 923.94
9 Mark Treble 5957.28 922.92
10 Jon Edison 5793.18 897.50
11 Keith Wood 5733.63 888.28
12 Paul Middleton 5680.97 880.12
13 Neil Shead 5409.59 838.07
14 Dave Watson 5307.82 822.31
15 John Tideswell 5003.43 775.15
16 Roger Groves 4543.30 703.86
17 George Young 3780.58 585.70
18 Roy Hampshire 3101.75 480.53
19 Bob Dickenson 1085.16 168.11

Thanks to all for your support and help throughout the day.

final Reserve date of 2014, 19th Oct 2014, Hole of Horcum

What a day! The effort of flying, landing and struggling back to the pits in gale force winds challenged the fittest. 17 pilots managed 10 rounds at Levisham, in winds that were gusting at times close to the legal limit.

The choice of slope was never going to be easy. We probably could have started the day on the south bowl, but with all forecasts showing the wind swinging round to the SW, the general consensus was to start where we were to end up. That proved to be a sound decision.

Levisham was its usual bad, bumpy, ballistic self. With nearly a quarter of all flights sub 40's, some coming close to the magic sub 30, Peter Gunning finally took the FTD with a cracking 31.38!

Very close at the top, but Mark sneaked a win by a mere 20 points from Peter, with Simon in third. Well done guys, some really excellent flying.

Full results here

Summary :-

1 Mark Redsell 8313.04 1000.00
2 Peter Gunning 8293.28 998.62
3 Simon Thornton 8178.96 984.87
4 Rich Bago 7819.53 941.63
5 Greg Dakin 7801.57 938.47
6 Martin Newnham 7798.96 938.15
7 Mark Abbotts 7120.47 857.54
8 George Young 7086.78 852.48
9 Mark Treble 7084.97 852.27
10 Paul Middleton 6928.71 833.47
11 Jon Edison 6690.39 805.80
12 John Treble 6206.34 747.57
13 Matthew How 6093.64 733.02
14 John Tideswell 6022.90 725.51
15 Dave Wright 4646.61 559.95
16 Keith Wood 3602.68 433.37
17 Ronnie Lampe 3385.22 407.21

Thanks to everyone for helping out

Welsh F3F Open 19th - 21st Sept 2014

The highlight of the F3F calendar has been a slight disappointment in the last few years, with poor weather and few rounds completed. Fortunately 2014 was to reverse all that ill fortune, and flying took place over the full three sunny days, albeit light winds for most of the time. With 37 pilots and 11 rounds completed, the results were ( Club Members shown in Bold ):-

1 Stefan Bertschi 9350.65
2 Simon Thornton 9332.50
3 Tony Livingstone 9123.30
FTD went to Mark Abbotts 37.74
4 Joel West 9120.52
5 Kevin Newton 9116.84
6 Graeme Mahoney 9061.79
7 Martin Newnham 9030.86
8 Andy Burgoune 9006.74
9 Dave Rumble 8943.52
10 Martin Drewett 8845.29
11 Mike Evans 8765.82
12 Peter Gunning 8747.80
13 John Philips 8705.75
14 Greg Dakin 8689.69
15 Mark Abbotts 8650.93
16 Lazaro Martinez 8632.74
17 Mark Treble 8623.68
18 Daniel Schneider 8604.05
19 Richard Bago 8564.40
20 Ronnie Lampe 8559.74
21 Stewart Wallace 8431.39
22 Tom McPherson 8409.51
23 Mike Shellim 8359.66
24 Jorge Medina 8209.78
25 Inigo Herrera 8204.28
26 John Treble 8201.83
27 Mick Walsh 8196.50
28 Stefan Bernardy 8166.86
29 Rick Ruijsink 8106.00
30 Ian Mason 8045.58
31 Jon Edison 7976.84
32 Paul Stubley 7770.25
33 Keith Wood 7614.63
34 Jason Bioletti 7343.03
35 Pete burgess 7232.89
36 Berrie van Roest 7082.30
37 Scott Ravenscroft 846.17

Great Curry on the Saturday night and good company throught the weekend made for a very enjoyable comp. As usual a well organised event, with thanks to AJ and Kev for that.

Mike Shellim pictures here

F3F World Championships, Donovaly, Slovakia 7th - 14th Sept 2014

Long drive across Europe to Donovaly, in Slovakia. Very picturesque Ski Resort some 3hours drive from the Austrian border. Good accommodation close to the very essential ski lift. Far too much of a climb to walk to the slopes each day, I know I tried it! Two and a half hours without models - only did it the once!!

Competition started with a 2 day World Cup event, which our Team member Simon Thornton, won. Great start to the week but unfortunately things gradually went down hill from there. The weather conditions were either windless or wet. When the wind did blow it barely got above the legal limit of 3 m/s and wouldn't make its mind up on which direction to blow from!

Reflights were becoming the norm, and flying was becoming a lottery. Still the Organisers persisted until they finally had the 4 rounds necessary to call it an official competition. Best placed brit was Mark Redsell with a very creditable 4th. Simon was 29th, and poor old Martin last!! Oh well, here's to 2016!!

Full results and competition summary here

F3F World Championships in Slovakia 7th - 14th Sept 2014

Final preparations, and last minute panics as the Team get ready to head to Donovaly in the Slovak Republic. Martin Newnham, Mark Redsell and Simon Thornton are the UK Team for 2014 with Jon Edison as Team Manager.

BMFA Nationals 23rd - 25th Aug 2014

Another terrific weekend at Barkston. Saturday and especially Sunday enjoyed great weather, but Monday suffered for overcast skies and some drizzle. Saturday evening was spent watching the freeflight mayhem, a sight not to be missed, whilst Sunday morning was spend selling items for Mike Donkins estate at the swap meet, great fun. Roll on next year!

Items for Sale

Sadly I have been involved in a house clearance following the death of former NYMRSC member,Mike Donkin earlier in the year. Mike had accumulated vast amount of equipment and models over the years. Some of that is shown here. This and the remaining tools, balsa, solar film, props, spinners will be at the Nationals Bring and Buy over the 2014 Bank Holiday Weekend

BARCS Slope Glide 9th / 10th Aug 2014

This 2 day comp in the Welsh hills was truncated to a 1 day comp in the Welsh hills due the the remnants of Hurricane Bertha!!! NYMRSC members were conspicuous by their absence, but the weather didn't exactly encourage them to travel.

Martin Newnham did a great job in shepherding the 16 pilots up and down the hill, and despite the weather the competition managed a very creditable 11 rounds.

Results were Joel West first, Martin Newnham second and Stefan Bertschi third. FTD went to Joel with a 34.63. Full Results here

BMFA F3F Nationals 7th / 8th June 2014

Despite the dire weather forecast for Saturday, 28 very optimistic pilots headed for the East slope hoping to complete a few rounds before the forecast rain hit. Sadly that optimism was misplaced, and Round 1 was only halfway through when the rain arrived early! Needless to say that was it for the day.
Sunday however dawned bright and breezy, and with the wind on the South slope, and the wet weather behind us, 30 pilots enjoyed 10 rounds of great competition.
Because of the decision to use 'split' rounds, the results from Saturday were included in Sundays results. The verified results were :-

BMFA F3F Nationals Champion 2014, Mark Redsell
2nd Paul Garnett
3rd Peter Gunning
FTD also went to Mark with a 34.99

Summary Results here :-

1 Mark Redsell 8649.84
2 Paul Garnett 8476.63
3 Peter Gunning 8147.82

4 Martin Newnham 8116.12
5 Graham Mahoney 8053.54
6 Mark Abbotts 8001.33
7 Simon Thornton 7970.88
8 Tony Livingstone 7934.39
9 Mike Evans 7820.84
10 Jon Wells 7769.49
11 Greg Dakin 7748.02
12 George Young 7699.89
13 John Philips 7655.41
14 Martin Drewitt 7649.99
15 Keith Wood 7611.47
16 Rich Bago 7563.82
17 Mike Shellim 7518.91
18 Ronnie Lampe 7485.77
19 Mark Treble 7278.26
20 Dave Watson 7221.83
21 Dave Wright 7156.91
22 Jon Edison 7152.72
23 Frank Hulton 7142.56
24 Robert Carson 6983.94
25 Mick Walsh 6894.89
26 Ian Mason 6807.71
27 Erik Heijne 6763.34
28 Matthew How 6727.69
29 Pete Burgess 6638.95
30 John Tideswell 774.79

Thanks to everone who took part, and all those who helped with setting up and carrying gear on and off the hill.
Full result here
Dave Watson Photos here
Mike Shellim Photos here
Simon Thornton Photos here

BMFA F3F Reserve Date 25th May 2014

The reserve event was finally completed after several interruptions by rain, on what was forecast to be a very showery day. Fortunately the rain arrived over a shortish period of time around midday, causing several re-starts of Round 3 before clearing skies allowed a further 2 rounds to complete making 5 in total. Light Southerly winds didn't allow for any records to be broken, but did give a fairly consistent air to the day.

Martin Newnham was the eventual winner, Mark Redsell second, and Rich Bago third. The official FTD went to Greg Dakin with a 45.92. Well done guys.

Summary Results :-

1 Martin Newnham 3951.21
2 Mark Redsell 3774.03
3 Rich Bago 3764.05
4 Greg Dakin 3746.75
5 John Phillips 3743.79
6 Peter Gunning 3702.60
7 Mark Treble 3695.34
8 Simon Thornton 3691.52
9 Jon Edison 3564.82
10 Mike Evans 3555.93
11 Paul Upton 3537.20
12 Mick Walsh 3467.03
13 Jonathan Wells 3438.37
14 Keith Wood 3354.21
15 Matthew How 3330.95
16 George Young 3296.01
17 John Treble 3239.12
18 John Tideswell 3194.18
19 Dave Wright 3143.05
20 Ronnie Lampe 3101.81

Spread sheet here

NYMRSC AGM on the 18th May 2014

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Remember, your current subscriptions will need renewal at the end of May.Subs remain the same as previous years, ie £20 for Full Members, £10 for Seniors, £5 Juniors and Students. Cheques made payable to NYMRSC and send to Jon Edison using the Renewal form here.

Winter League 2013 / 2014 Updates

This year due to Jon Edison's absence, Mark Redsell kindly organised the remainder of the Northern Winter League. Three events were completed out of the five scheduled, full results here

The Champion of Champions event was held in Wales again this year, with better weather than the arctic conditions that prevails last year! Report and full results here.

Founding Club Member Mike Donkin has died

Mike Donkin sadly died on the 2nd March 2014 aged 61. Mike was one of the founding members of the Club way back in September 1976. He became Treasurer and Membership Secretary for some years after that, before handing the job over to Jon Edison ( in 1986 would you believe! ). Jon and Mike were both BBC Micro owners then, and so the records were transferred via a 5.25inch floppy!
Jon has passed on the Clubs Condolences to Mikes family.

Club Membership Extension

Club membership has been extended by 2 months. This means the the current expiry date of the 31st March 2014 will now be extend until the 31st May 2014.
NO NEW BADGES WILL BE ISSUED for this extension!
Keep your existing badge as proof of membership until after the new expiry date.

The date for the Club AGM has also been moved by 2 months, and will now be the 18th May 2014. Look forward to seeing you all then.

GBSRA Slope Racing Association

Terrific news for Slope racing fans. A New BMFA Specialist Body has been formed to support the Slope Racing fraternity in the Uk. Known as the Great Britian Slope Racing Association, its aims are to promote and support Slope Racing in the UK. Martin Newnham has put a great deal of effort into getting the association into operation and I am sure we can all give Martin our support he deserves. To become a member of the association and other details can be found here


Updated 20 Sept 2014

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2014

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

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