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F3F Winter League 5 Dec 2015

Oh dear, not looking good! High winds with gusts of over 50mph forecast and likely to be at Levisham ( SW winds ) probably makes the day un-flyable. We have tried Levisham before with high winds ( see report for Jan 2015 ) so unless something dramatic changes with the weather we aint going flyin' this weekend!

F3F Winter League 7 Nov 2015

Great start to the new season NOT! A band of rain is forecast to hit Horcum between 9am and some time after Midday on Saturday. What bad timing. Rain late, rain early, but not rain over the morning period. With shortening days, the best part of the day are the mornings. Sadly the Comp has been called OFF.

BMFA F3F Reserve 25 Oct 2015

After loosing our two earlier F3F events to the weather, the final reserve date of the year was held at Horcum.

A lovely autumn day, light winds, hazy sunshine, and warm!  Well it must have been, as Mark T was still in shirt sleeves, short ones to boot!  

The rules state that 10 pilots must start a competition for it to be an official comp and therefore count towards the league etc. Unfortunately, out of the 10 pilots who turned up, only 9 were able to fly. Despite the stella efforts of Simon T, we weren't able to meet the minimum 10, so the comp didn't count towards the league. So the moral to the story is  - do a check list, and make sure your Transmitter is on it!

However, we did run 13 rounds, 9 pilots completing 8 rounds, and then 7 pilots flying another 5. Proceedings finished around 14:45, as conditions began to deteriorate. Thanks to all for the help and support during the day.

Results for the 8 rounds here
Results for the 5 rounds here

Models for sale

I have a couple of PSS / Sport models for sale.Details here

Northern F3F Winter League Dates

Dates for the Horcum F3F Winter league are here

Paypal Account finally opened!!

Payment of Club subs can now be done via Paypal. If you have a Paypal account, open your account and select 'pay or send money', select 'pay for goods or services', when asked for an email address, enter ''. NYMRSC will then be displayed. Enter the amount to pay ( see application form ), and then click NEXT. You can add a note at this point. Click SEND. All done!!

Welsh F3F Open 11th, 12th, 13th Sept 2015

The annual Jamboree in Wales was even better than last year, with good winds on all three days, and just a splash of rain thrown in for good measure. Day 1 and Day 3 were on the 'Crest'. A good walk from the car park by anyone's standards. Day 2 was on 'Mickey's' which, apart from the rough car track to the flying area, is close to the cars. Some terrific flying to be had on all three days, with positions changing constantly.

But after an amazing 13 rounds, the top three positions were :-

1 Simon Thornton 10949.04
2 Joel West 10873.91
3 Peter Gunning 10780.76

FTD went to Inaki Elizondo with a 32.51.
Fantastic display by all these flyers, who amazingly never seem to get poor air! Well done guys!

Other NYMRSC Members also had a great weekend, with four more members in the top 15, separated by only a few points from the top three were :-

4 Martin Newnham 10606.39
7 Mark Treble 10335.98
9 Richard Bago 10249.23
13 Ronnie Lampe 10074.38
23 Keith Wood 9715.88
42 Jon Edison 8837.83
47 Frank Hulton 5776.88

Great show fellas!

Full results to follow here

The banter on the hill, and the socialising afterwards is always enjoyable. As is the usual well organised event, with thanks to Kev Newton and Clayton Landells for all their efforts, with Clayts especially for making us all look decidedly unfit with his antics on the hill.

Special mention to Mark Treble for all his work on the new timing system with its entertaining voice messages, relieving the CD's of the tedium of the countdown, lap counts etc. Great work Mark.

Cracking weekend, here's to next year.

BMFA Nationals 29th, 30th, 31st Aug 2015

The greatest modelling show on earth! Maybe a slight exageration, but still a great show, don't miss it!

Indoor Flying Dates Added

Dates for the 2015 / 2016 Indoor Flying Season added. Click link above for details

BMFA F3F Reserve at Horcum 5th July 2015

Reserve date cancelled!. Weather forecast was for light winds ranging from SE to SW, with a possibility of rain showers to add to the frustration. Call to cancel made on the Friday evening before the event as per standard protocol.

Note added 6 Jul 2015.
XCWeather weather history for the 5th July gave 3-7mph winds ranging from SSW to E through-out the day, until approx 1700 when the wind speed increased to 13mph SE.

North of England F3F Open, Eurotour and World Cup Event 26th / 27th /28th June 2015

Well what a great weekend! Early weather reports were not that promising, but as the weekend approached the forecast improved, so by the start of proceedings the weather was looking half decent.

Friday afternoon saw a good blow on the South Bowl to get the show on the way.
33 pilots managed 3 and 1/2 rounds before the wind swung to the west and at around 6pm we called it a day.

Saturday was a terrific day, west winds meant a trip to Levisham, where we had perfect conditions right into early evening. We could have continued longer, but after another 7 and 1/2 rounds, we were all feeling pretty cream crackered and decided to call a stop to proceedings.

Sunday we knew was forecast for a lot of early rain, hence the making the most of the other days!. However things were looking good when we arrived, so we set up the course, now back on the South bowl. But those pesky weather gods were just waiting for us to make a start. Only 1 round completed before our deadline of a 3pm finish.

Still a cracking completion. The eventual winner after 12 rounds was Peter Kowalski , Kev Newton in second and Club member Simon Thornton in third.

Fastest time of the weekend went to Mike Shellim with a 35.17, flying his trusty STING. Well done Guys.

Other Club members :-

6 Martin Newnham 9416.15  
7 Mark Treble   9256.85  
9 Ronnie Lampe    9099.78  
10 George Young 9065.35  
12 Peter Gunning 8897.72  
17 Dave Watson 8772.36  
20 Rich Bago 8684.80  
23 Keith Wood 8624.63  
26 Jon Edison 8377.22  
27 John Tideswell 8340.33  
30 Frank Hulton 8077.80  

Spreadsheet here
Further comments and pictures here.
Mike Shellim Report and Pictures here

BMFA F3F League Event, Scotland 14th June 2015

Poor weather forecast for Sunday, has resulted in the event being Cancelled. More details here.

Bank Holiday Flying Rules

Just a quick reminder that there is no flying allowed on Spring bank Holiday ( May 25th and August Bank Holiday Aug 31st ). Only 2 days out of 365 can't be bad!

BMFA F3F Nationals 16th / 17th May 2015 in Wales

Wales hosted the two day event this year. Great weekend weather allowed the 26 pilots to complete 15 rounds over the two days - must be a record number of rounds? With variable conditions on Saturday culminating in a change of slopes, and Sunday with slightly crossed conditions, made for change of fortunes for some over the two days.

Another great win for Mark Redsell, with Simon Thornton in second and Martin Newnham in third. FTD went to Keith Wood with a terrific 33.48, and just to prove that was no fluke, produced a 33.64 a few rounds later!! OAP's rule OK!

1 Mark Redsell 11867.11  
2 Simon Thornton   11745.73  
3 Martin Newnham     11707.00  
Other Club members :-
11 Keith Wood 10988.89  
13 Mark Treble 10973.14  
16 John Tideswell 10624.55  
22 Jon Edison 10162.17  

Well done guys
Full Results here
Other Reports here
Mike Shellim Photos here

Model engineering Show, 8th, 9th 10th May Harrogate 2015

Each year the number of traders gets less, but still a good few to wander around, and of course all the engineering models, trains, planes, and boats to marvel at.

BMFA League 2 at Wales ( moved from Whitesheet ) 26th April 2015

The wind forecast was a direction that Whitesheet does not have a slope for, so the decision was made ( as has been done before ) to relocate the competition to Wales. Conditions were very variable, but never the less 20 pilots managed 9 rounds before the comp was halted as conditions worsened.

Simon Thornton made the most of the variability winning the day, closely followed by Mark Treble, with Mark redsell in third. FTD went to John Treble for an absolutely stonking 31.67. Club Members in Bold

1 Simon Thornton 7306.67  
2 Mark Treble   7235.62  
3 Mark Redsell      7189.10  
Other Club members :-
6 Ronnie lampe 6988.82  
8 Martin Newnham 6806.06  
15 Neil Shead 6491.73  
17 Frank Hulton 6176.64  

Well done guys
Full Results Here
Other Reports Here

BMFA F3F League starts this weekend 12 April 2015

Oh dear, the weather didn't play ball. Rained Sunday for most of the day. Checking with the Rain Radar Site, showed rain from about 9:30 until 4:15. Good call to cancell me thinks! Reserve date either 10 May or 5 July.

Champion of Champions Winter League 28th / 29th March 2015

With a weather forecast as dire as this weekend, the chances of a competition were looking slim. However an inspired decision by CD Martin Newnham to move the venue from the Bwlch above Bridgend to Rhossili on the Gower Peninsular saved the day. Whilst conditions were a bit crossed, and flying was quite technical on the 50ft dunes of Rhossili Bay, two good days of flying and 10 rounds worth of competition were completed.

Congratulations to Simon Thornton for his first place with inspired flying, Mark Redsell in second and Greg Dakin in third. A new class for the over 60's saw Keith Wood take the new trophy. FTD went to Simon with a 38.33.

Full Results here

Entry for the North of England F3F Open ( Eurotour ) is now OPEN

Entry details here. Registration will close on the 20th June, or when 50 entries have been recieved, whichever is the soonest.

AGM 22nd March 2015 at 4pm in Lockton Village Hall

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Several new faces on the committee for 2015, details here. Many thanks to the outgoing chairman John Lake for supporting the club for so long. Subscriptions remain the same for 2015 / 2016 despite some increase in costs. Renewal Forms Here

Fifth Round of the F3F Winter League Saturday 7th March 2015

Fifth and final round was held at Horcum on Saturday 7th March. The 11 pilots completed 12 rounds on the South Slope with a slightly cross wind making for some variability. Despite that, Mark Redsell set a new PB and Horcum record of 27.28secs to win the event, with Martin Newnham second and Rich Bago third. Well done Guys.

1 Mark Redsell 10909.49 Freestyler4.3
2 Martin Newnham  10091.76  
3 Rich Bago     9801.25  
4 Peter Gunning 9758.14  
5 John Phillips 9339.31  
6 Dave Watson 9305.00  
7 Mark Treble 9275.02  
8 Keith Wood 9177.52  
9 John Tideswell 8901.56 Freestyler3
10 Neil Shead  8650.99  
11 Dave Wright 8442.68  
Not only a new PB's for Mark Redsell, but also for John Tideswell with a 36.48 in Round 4.

The final event for the Winter League will be the The Champion of Champion Race, to be held in Wales on the weekend of the 28th / 29th March. Pilots who qualified / attending are :-

1 Mark Redsell
2 Rich Bago 
3 Ronnie lampe
4 Mark Treble
5 Jon Edison
6 Keith Wood


Fourth Round of the F3F Winter League Saturday 7th Feb 2015

Well that was a difficult day! Snow covered moorland didn't make for easy walking as we headed across the Northern edge for the NW ridge

Forecast wind speeds didn't materialise as promised, but bumbled along the 3m/s most of the time. Fortunately it stayed more or less square on all day.

Foggy morning, which actually cleared very quickly, allowed a prompt start for the 13 pilots. Four rounds were completed before a lull in wind speeds forced a break for lunch.

The afternoon produced average winds speeds which appeared greater than the morning session, but flight times were no better.

By now ,the melting snow had found its way into even the best waterproof clothing, and with a few pilots suffering from wet feet,amongst other things, the competition stopped after Round 7 at 15:45.

The walk back was is always hard after a day on the slopes, but many thanks to everyone who mucked in and carried the various bits of kit back. Special thanks to the two strangers who helped carry my models up the final hill to the car!

The results, Peter Gunning took top spot, Mark Redsell in second and Ronnie Lampe in third. Peter also took FTD with a round busting 49.42. Well done guys.

Full Results Here

The summary results are :-

1 Peter Gunning 5713.13 Freestyler3
2 Mark Redsell  5566.87 Freestyler4
3 Ronnie Lampe     5529.05 Freestyler
4 Rich Bago 5330.40 Freestyler3
5 Mark Treble 5241.38 Toxic
6 Martin Newnham 5208.23 Freestyler
7 Keith Wood 5145.63 Freestyler
8 Dave Wright 5051.20  
9 Jon Edison  5035.89 Needle124
10 George Young 4996.64  
11 John Tideswell 4936.07 Freestyler
12 Neil Shead  4890.88 Strega
13 Bob Dickenson 2872.83 Ascot

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Remember this is a fun, low key event, to encourage new and not so new flyers to take up the competition side of flying. It is not an entry to the World Championships and any other prestigeous event, its just us having fun. Come and join in, you will be most welcome.

Third Round of the F3F Winter League 10th Jan 2015

Well there is wind and there is wind, but you aint see nothing like Levisham on Saturday!! The forecast was for strong winds, and we knew it would be around the maximum allowed under F3F rules ie 25m/s ( 55mph), but what we weren't ready for were the gusts. Peak gust on my meter was 36 m/s ( 80mph ) with periods of sustained speeds of over 28 m/s ( 62mph ). Actually, we did launch a few models during the less windy sessions, and model and pilot did cope OK, but the landing was the problem! Levisham can be rought on landings in high winds and Saturday was no exception. Several models were damaged in the process. The winds didn't abate, and shortly after lunch the comp was called off!


Updated 20 Sept 2015

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2015

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

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