BMFA League 1 South Wales
9th / 10th April 2011

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60inch Report by Tom Satinet
F3F report by Andrzej Tabero

Updated 9th May 2011

BMFA League1 60inch
Report By Tom Satinet

More fool those of us who stayed sat in bed.  Here are the normalised scores, which are obviously the league standings at this stage.  Well done Clayton.  As you can see from the results it was pretty close with several guys scoring good points, which will set them up well for the league.

Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD )

Clayton Landells 100.00
Paul Townsend 97.97
Ronnie Lampe 97.40
Frank Hulton 96.88
Mark Abbotts 94.10
Andrzej Tabero 93.62
Mick Walsh 93.42
Tony Robertson 93.40
Ian Mason 89.66
Mark Treble 84.65
Ron Broughton 78.74

The next round is on the 8th of May at (H)uddersfield.


BMFA League 1 F3F
Report by Andrzej Tabero

Thanks for all your help today to get through a frustrating day but we managed to get five rounds in the end even with a move form the Wrecker to the Back or the Wrecker.

After 3 rounds and almost finishing the fourth round with two to go the wind decided to stop playing. At this point Frank was winning followed by Clayton and Paul Townsend.

A two hour wait and a move the back of the Wrecker so Clayton could capitalise on some good air plus the discard kicking in to take the day with Paul Townsend moving into second and Ronnie Lampe picking up third. Well done Clayton on probably the first Australian to win a BMFA F3F league!

Thanks for everyone help and see you all soon

Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD )

1 Clayton Landells 3734.39
2 Paul Townsend 3658.76
3 Ronnie Lampe 3637.16
4 Frank Hulton 3617.74
5 Mark Abbotts 3513.89
6 Andrzej Tabero 3496.24
7 Mick Walsh 3488.78
8 Tony Robertson 3487.99
9 Ian Mason 3348.26
10 Mark Treble 3161.02
11 Ron Broughton 2940.29