BMFA League 2 Huddersfield
7th / 8th May 2011

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60inch Cancelled
F3F report by Jon Edison

Updated 9th May 2011

BMFA League 2 F3F
Report by Jon Edison

The 60inch on the Saturday was cancelled due lack of the 'correct' winds, but the Sunday F3F had a terrific day, which went totally against the weather forecast. Not a drop of rain and winds gusting over 40mph. In fact the gusty conditions caught a few flyers out, resulting in either penalty points for crossing the safety line, or in a few cases, model damage.

This all made for very difficult flying conditions, with the 24 pilots having their work cut out to make the most of their given conditions. So after 9 rounds, congratulations go to a very consistent Joel West in first place, with Mark Redsell in second, pushing Richard Bago into third place in the very last round! Joel also had the fastest time of the day with a 36.25.

Final F3F results ( NYMRSC Members in
BOLD ):-

1 Joel West (Freestyler) 7417.08
2 Mark Redsell (Alliaj / Freestyler) 7259.00
3 Richard Bago (Alliaj / Martinet) 7187.46

4 Simon Thornton (Extreme) 7150.49
5 Martin Newnham (Freestyler) 7013.28
6 Peter Gunning (Alliaj / Cyril) 6853.76
7 Adam Richardson (Vampire) 6627.46
8 Mark Abbotts (Extreme) 6545.65
9 Paul Upton (Acacia II / W.Compact) 6524.24
10 David Elam (Strega / Sting) 6466.77
11 Frank Hulton (Extreme) 6361.84
12 Keith Wood (Freestyler / Sting) 6349.24
13 Jon Edison (Extreme) 6263.87

14 John Thornton (Skorpion) 6256.60
15 Clayton Landells (Skorpion / Acacia II) 6173.05
16 Ronnie Lampe (Sting / Strega) 6158.47
17 Mick Walsh (Ceres) 6087.90
18 Paul Townsend (Skorpion / Strega) 5957.56
19 Tim Shaw (Vikos / Acacia III) 5902.39
20 Mark Treble (W. Compact) 5644.56

21 Phil Smillie (Acacia II) 5339.58
22 Egon Lewin (Acacia II) 5256.32
23 Mike Evans (Freestyler) 4581.60
24 Tom Foreman (Artist) 1915.62

Thanks to the Huddersfield Club for hosting the event, and to Frank, Richard, Ronnie and Mark who helped to make the day run so smoothly. See you all at the Hole of Horcum in a fortnights time.