BMFA League 3 Hole of Horcum
21st / 22nd May 2011

Result breakdown Click here for F3F Results

60inch Report by Ronnie Lampe
F3F report by Martin Newnham


BMFA League 3 60inch

With wind speeds of 15mph SSW forcast we all went straight round to the south bowl. We had 13 guys all itching to get a race in, because
the conditions we actually got were wind speeds in excess of 35mph and  straight up the bowl!

We had decided to fly 4 rounds, followed by the Knock outs.

Mark Treble had a nightmare of a day breaking his NEW Halfpipe, and then his GV60 so mark bowed out in round 3.Thanks Mark for stopping and flagging for the rest of the time.

Neil Cornes also had some bad luck in pre race practice. He got wacked by Yours truley, which put his best model out. This did affect Neils performance. We would expect Neil To be further up the feild. 
(Sorry Neil) You've Been Ronnied. really Sorry Neil.

Dave Tuckwood and myselcf brought a couple of extra models up for Jon Edison to fly, and once he got them dialed in, he had some close racing, Would be nice to see Jon join us in the 60" class. ( We could donate a couple of models to you Jon)

Abbo, Frank, and Myself where all flying Ron Broughtons Odersey's. and i've got to say I think they were the fastest models of the day.
Closley followed by Mike Evans and the all New Bluto (Available soon from Richard @ T9 Models)
Young Neil Sheard Was Flying Great all day. With an old Mcfast and full balast he was always in the Mix.
Dave Sykes,and Dave Beenland had a mixed day both winning rounds.

Next round Back down in Wales.

Results for round 3 of the BMFA T9 models sponsered 60" Epp Pylon Race at the Hole of Horcum.( Club Members in Bold )

1st Ronnie Lampe 99pts
=2nd Mark Abbots 97pts
=2nd Mike Evans 97pts
4th Neil Sheard 94pts
5th Ron Broughton 93pts
=6th Dave Tuckwood 89pts
=6th Dave Sykes 89 pts
8th Frank Hulton 88pts
9th Dave Beenland 87 pts
=10th Neil Cornes 85 pts
=10th Jon Edison 85 pts
12th Tony Robertson
13th Mark Treble

BMFA League 3 F3F

Hi All,Firstly and most importantly I would like to thank NYMRSC for holding the 3rd round of the BMFA F3F league. Without local club support, these events would not take place. Special thanks going to our CD Jon Edison including Mark Redsell, Rich Bago for also running the centre and Frank Hulton and Ronnie Lamp who were in charge of the basses.The Hole Of Horcum was the venue for the 3rd BMFA league event of the year and with Tinkers setting the standard a couple of weeks ago, it didn’t disappoint.  We had plenty of wind with a few interruptions of rain during the day, but this didn’t stop a field of 30 pilots completing 6 rounds in total at Levisham. With the first round on the way, the times ranged between low forties to low fifties, before the HOH slope record was broken with a 32.00sec by Martin Newnham which won the first round.  It was clear that conditions were to improve as the day progressed and in the second round there were 3 times of 36.xx with Mark Redsell taking all the points, just squeezing in front of Joel West and Peter Gunning.  Keith Woods took round 3 with a 38.13sec but again Mark was not far behind with a 38.46sec.By round 4 things started to really get moving, Peter Gunning completed a 34.03 only to be beaten by Joel’s 33.17.  This wasn’t to be the end of the round as Mark Redsell reset the HOH slope record with a 31.30, but was closely followed by Paul Middleton with a 31.37sec.Mark Redsell was still not finished for the day with round 4 out of the way and already breaking the slope record for the second time that day, Mark again broke his own record with a 30.90sec.  Clayton Landells took the final round completing a 36.19.To give you an idea there were 40 sub forty times set in the 6 rounds and I know many people achieved PB’s. I would be really interested to find out who achieved personnel best today so that everyone can be aware of the standard that was set by all the pilots.The results can be seen below but the top 3 results were:

1st Mark Redsell
2nd Joel West
3rd Peter Gunning

All three pilots stood out from the rest of the field, but Mark Redsell really set the standard with some fantastic flying on the day.

It was a great days flying and well worth the trip; I look forward to catching up with you all again soon and hopefully the conditions will be equally as good as today.

Many thanks

Final F3F Results ( Club Members in Bold )

1 Mark Redsell Freestyler 4941.270 1000
2 Joel West Freestyler 4551.820 921
3 Peter Gunning Cyril 4504.140 912
4 Martin Newnham Freestyler 4487.320 908
5 Paul Middleton Vikos 4390.110 888
6 Keith Wood Freestyler 4300.330 870
7 Clayton Landells Skorp / Acacia II 4281.420 866
8 Richard Bago Alliaj 4268.410 864
9 Mark Abbotts Extreme 4038.470 817
10 Mike Evans Cyril 4023.940 814
11 Mick Walsh Ceres 4018.540 813
12 Simon Thornton Extreme 4015.920 813
13 John Thornton Skorp 3980.380 806
14 Frank Hulton Extreme 3964.740 802
15 Mike Shellim Skorp 3956.770 801
16 Adam Richardson Needle100 / Extreme 3907.210 791
17 Jon Edison Sting RIP 3885.810 786
18 Mike McCracken Extreme 3763.130 762
19 Dave Watson Race M 3713.360 751
20 Ronnie Lamp Sting 3696.640 748
21 Paul Upton Acacia II 3640.930 737
22 George Young Vikos / Skorp 3546.510 718
23 Tom Foreman Zenon / Artist 3523.650 713
24 Egon Lewin Acacia II 3367.890 682
25 Tony Robertson Ceres 3246.540 657
26 Phil Smillie Acacia II 3242.220 656
27 Mark Treble Wizard Compact 3137.500 635
28 Jonathan Wells Estrella 2745.490 556
29 Kev Knewton Fosa 2268.740 459
30 Steve Kenyon Strega 1494.350 302

Pictures Here from Dave Watson