BMFA League 3 Horcum
12th May 2012

Result breakdown here
60inch Report by Ronnie Lampe
F3F report by Jon Edison


BMFA League 3 60inch

Well we managed to get the first 60” Epp race of the year in (FINALLY).

Firstly I would like to say big THANKS to Jon Edison who has turned up to the last 2 60” Epp races to help and Cd for us.  
Thanks Jon much appreciated.

Only 6 turned up to compete at the HoH.
Frank Hulton, Mark Abbotts, Dave Tuckwood, John Treble, Mark Treble & Myself.

We trudged up to the North West slope and set up the course.  The wind was forecast to be NW swinging to north through out the day.  For once the forecasters got it right.

Racing started, with the 6 that turned we could only run 2 up at a time.
To say that the racing was epic would be stretching the truth a bit, but racing it was.

R1 saw Wins from Mark Treble & Mark Abbotts. Frank took a second place while the rest of us crashed out with a DNF when the lift turned its self off.

R2 Wins from MT, FH, & RL  and only 1 dnf this time.

R3 Wins from MT, MA, and Dave Tuckwood took the ONLY second place.
Again the rest of us CRASHED out with dnf’s. Again someone turned of the lift

R4 Wins from FH, & RL.  Abbo took the only second place.
Again the rest crashed out with dnf’s.

R5 Wins from MA, MT, Dave Tuckwood took the only second Place
Yep you guessed it the rest of us crashed out AGAIN.

At this point we decided that enough was enough and with 5 rounds flown we had a comp

=1st  Mark Treble & Mark Abbotts
3rd   Frank Hulton
4Th   Ronnie Lampe
5th   Dave Tuckwood
6th   John Treble

We did break a record today at the Hole of Horcum.
John Treble flew 5 rounds and DNFed every round ending up at the bottom of the hill, AND I MEAN at the bottom of the hill

This is now re-named
Trebles Bottom

Not much of a day BUT we all had a great time piss taking and loads of laughter

Shame this league is not better supported.



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BMFA League 3 F3F

What a cracking day!  Wind square on to Levisham, and speed to die for, well not quite, but you know what I mean. Trouble was the lift was variable and the gusts made standing on the edge quite difficult, not to mention trying to fly at the same time! But for those who could do both successfully then it was ballistic. 26 sub forties, and several PB's to boot.

A great win for Club member Richard Bago, with Greg Dakin in second, and Peter Gunning in third. Fastest time of the day with a terrific 31.32 was Ronnie Lampe with his Strega.

Top 3 places are:

1st   Rich Bago      
2nd   Greg Dakin     
3rd   Peter Gunning

Below are the results.( Club Members in Bold )

1 Richard bago 9223.69 1000.00
2 Greg Dakin 9017.84 977.73
3 Peter Gunning 8781.82 952.09
4 Paul Upton 8736.18 947.19
5 Ronnie Lampe 8662.54 939.16
6 Mark Redsell 8624.67 935.06
7 Mike Evans 8331.52 903.29
8 Mark Abbotts 8305.09 900.45
9 Adam Richardson 8220.95 891.29
10 Frank Hulton 8018.41 869.35
11 Tom Mcpherson 7951.23 862.06
12 Jon Wells 7823.72 848.22
13 Tom Foreman 7790.27 844.61
14 Mick Walsh 7717.20 836.70
15 Jon Edison 7604.05 824.40
16 Egon Lewin 7564.36 820.11
17 Mark Treble 7558.63 819.48
18 Georg Young 7232.42 784.14
19 Paul Garnett 4197.67 455.09
20 Bob Dickenson 2969.45 321.92
21 John Treble 2925.41 274.22
22 Keith Wood 2284.16 247.64

Many thanks

Video by Tom Foreman here

Pictures by Peter Gunning here

Tom Foreman pictures to here

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