BMFA League 5 Long Mynd
10th / 11th Sept 2011

Result breakdown here

60inch Report by Ronnie Lampe
F3F report by Martin Newnham


BMFA League 5 60inch

Just 10 Pilots turned up to contest this Years 60” Epp Nats at the Long Mynd, This was very disappointing. We had had 14 entries which would have been a bit more acceptable.


We all met at the slope at about 9.30 ish, and after a bit of sport flying, it was decided to move to another hill as the wind was slightly off. After what felt like a five mile trek we arrived at the slope edge (sorry cant remember what this slope was called) the course was set up. With 10 pilots we decided to run 3 races of 3 with one person getting a bye in each round.  So we set off on the huge task of getting 10 rounds in.

Round 1

Saw Mike Evans open up his account with a win with the Bluto, but then suffered I think Battery problems.

Mark Abbotts and I also had wins in the first round Flying Ron Broughtons odyssey’s

Round 2

Tim Shaw, Abbo, & Paul Towsend took the wins. Tim Shaw was flying his new creation and I’m sorry but I’ve forgotten what it’s called, but it looks very promising, and really bangs a turn.

We had lots of very close racing, and wins were taken by lots of different people.It took Dave Elam a while to get into his stride; Dave took wins in round 4 & 6


New boy Steve Vater had a great day for his first Epp race.  A bit more practice Steve  and  you will be pushing  the others.

After 10 Long hard rounds the points were added up.

Abbo came out on top in 1st

Mike Evans and myself =2nd

Tim Shaw took the 4th spot.


Onto the knockouts

Mike Evans & Frank Hulton suffered in the first round getting knocked out.

Frank had been very consistent all day with 4 wins  4 seconds.

Tim Shaw and Ron Broughton went out in the next round, Leaving Abbo & Paul Townsend in the fly off for the 3rd spot in the final. Paul came out on top Abbo Crashed out due to battery failure.


So onto the final.

Dave Elam, Paul Townsend, & myself, flew a 20 lap final, I got a poor start, and finally

Crashed out after about 5 laps.


Paul Townsend Look the win, Dave Elam 2nd


So the results for this years 60” EPP nationals are as follows


1st Mark Abbotts    97 pts 7 wins

2nd Ron Lampe        97 pts 6 wins

3rd Paul Townsend    96 pts

=4th Dave Elam

=4th Tim Shaw

=4th Mike Evans

7th Frank Hulton

8th Ron Broughton

9th Steve Vater

10th Mark Treble


So congratulations to your new 2011 BMFA 60” EPP CHAMPION



Mark wins a M60 Donated by NCFM

 So a BIG THANKS TO NCFM for donating this prize


I would like to take this opportunity to say A BIG THANKS to

MARK TREBLE. Mark has been the only guy to help me carry the course and score board to and from the slope’s. Thanks Mark, It is appreciated


Ronnie Lampe

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BMFA League 5 F3F

Hi All,

Apologies for the delay, it was a long journey last night and a long day at work today. Below is a report from yesterdays competition and final positions. I will follow this mail up with the overall league positions.

BMFA F3F league 5 was scheduled for the Long Mynd and finally the weather gods were on our side. After checking the weather on Thursday, it wasn’t looking at all promising. Fog and heavy rain was predicted for Sunday. Thankfully the forecast took a change for the better and come Friday afternoon it was looking positive, with plenty of wind and only the possibility of a few showers during the day.

On arrival the wind direction was right between the South Bowl and westerly facing slope. With Mike’s advice the westerly slope was selected, even crossed it works better than the south bowl, which is un-flyable unless it is straight on. In addition to this the wind was due to head more to the west as the day progressed.

We held the start off for the wind to come round more to the west and after a test flight by Mike the location of the course was decided. Unfortunately the first of 2 showers arrived and delayed the start until approximately 11:40am.

With round one started, it was clear that it was going to be challenging day with the wind being so crossed but legal. Whilst it’s great to have the wind straight on and smooth, learning how to deal with this kind of condition, always makes it equally interesting and can only add towards improving the competitor’s ability. Joel started well setting the fastest time of the round with 41.21 and was closely followed by Simon Thornton and Tony Robertson making the most of some good air.

With the league close at the top, it was going to be an important day for Mark Redsell and Joel West. Joel was looking to close the gap on Mark and Mark looking to increase the lead.

Mark Redsell took round 2, but was closely followed by Mike Evans and Mark Abotts in 3rd. All 3 flew within a second of each other, nailing the bases to gain the most out of the conditions.

Round 3 on way see Simon take first position, with an exceptionally well flown 40.28 making the turns look extremely easy under the circumstances. 2nd place was taken by Adam Richardson, after 2 difficult rounds, Adam took his opportunity with a 41.62 and from this point on his day improved, taking everything possible out of the conditions. Joel wasn’t far behind in 3rd.

Round 4 see Joel take the honours, with again Simon in the top 3 and Mark Abotts keeping very close in 3rd place.

Round 5 was taken by Adam who at this stage was lying in 3rd place for the day, Adam with his Vampire was certainly proving a very good combination. 2nd and 3rd positions were filled by Simon Thornton and Pete Burgess. Paul flying his Extreme for the first time in a competition looked very settled with the model, unfortunately he had some problems in rounds 2 and 3, but didn’t give up to fly a 43.61 “Well done Pete”.

Round 6 was again taken by Adam with Mark Redsell in 2nd and Mike in 3rd position. The times were becoming slightly more consistent at this point, with only 0.1sec between 1st and 3rd .

Round 7 see Mike take his first round with a 42.03. Mike was looking very settled with the Alliaj and working the slope very well, not wasting any energy flying open turns. 2nd was taken by Mark Abotts with Joel in 3rd.

Round 8 on the way, more and more times were getting into the lower forties, when Mark Redsell who was the 3rd to last pilot of the day to fly finished it with a 36.37 and fastest time of the day, which in the conditions was an exceptional time. 2nd was taken by Adam and 3rd by Joel.

Overall it was a very good competition, which tested all the pilots. Adam flew exceptionally well and although the first 2 rounds were disappointing for him, he didn’t give up and by the end of the day took 2 out of the 7 rounds and finished high up the order in others. Mike was very consistent only taking 1 round, but keeping within touching distance of the top 3 places. Joel West and Simon Thornton however were the 2 pilots on the day to beat. They both settled with the conditions from the very first round. Joel apart from one round was always in the top 5 and Simon never dropped below 6th.

The top 3 positions were as follows:

1st Joel West

2nd Simon Thornton

3rd Mike Evans

Fastest time of the day Mark Redsell 36.37

Congratulations to all 3 pilots on such a well flown competition.

Although the day didn’t get started until 11:40 we still managed to complete 8 rounds with a second interruption of rain, which lasted around half an hour. I was really pleased with the number of rounds completed and would like to thank all the pilots.

I would also like to thank Mike Evans for allowing us to use the site for a league event, but also CDing on the day. In addition thanks must go to Jon Edison, Rich Bago, Simon Thornton and Mark Redsell who covered CD duties, we ran the competitions with 2 CD’s throughout. Finally thanks to Joel for running the bases.

Below are the results.( Club Members shown Bold )

1 Joel West 6645.26 1000.00
2 Simon Thornton 6603.38 993.69
3 Mike Evans 6452.17 970.94
4 Adam Richardson 6439.44 969.02
5 Mark Redsell 6424.48 966.77
6 Martin Newnham 6114.21 920.08
7 Mark Abbotts 6013.56 904.93
8 Tony Robertson 5968.01 898.08
9 Rich Bago 5843.24 879.30
10 Frank Hulton 5790.79 871.41
11 Jon Edison 5368.01 807.79
12 Keith Wood 5361.06 806.74
13 Mick Walsh 5360.13 806.60
14 Mark Treble 5292.83 796.48
15 Paul Upton 5257.43 791.15
16 Mike Shellim 5181.01 779.65
17 Ton Foreman 5167.22 777.57
18 Steve Streetly 4902.39 737.72
19 Pete Burgess 4687.52 705.39
20 John Treble 672.26 101

Many thanks

Pictures by Mike Shellim here

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