BMFA 60 inch Nationals
South Wales 7th Aug 2010


Report by Clayton Landells

Updated 9th Aug 2010

The day of the BMFA Nationals 2010 dawned a little bit grey and wet, but 15 hardy souls braved the grizzly conditions to fight it out for the right to call themselves the National Champion. Sloperacer had sponsored the Nationals with each competitor entitled to 25% off a JART EPP and a copy of Lift ticket to Norway for the first three place getters.

The morning forecast suggested that we would be flying on the west face of Mickey's Slope so we set up the course and racing began. Dave Elam stamped his authority on the event and was flying superbly, he looked like a shoe-in for winning every race of the day until some nutter had a head-on, taking both of us out of that race. As is usual at EPP60 events, there was more carnage in practice time than in the racing and most of the heats were incident free. Ron Broughton had a torrid time and was caught out by the conditions (and holes in the ground) a couple of times and also discovered how difficult a plank is to fly (impossible) without a fin. Thanks to all those who helped with retrieving models.

Steve Clarke, Paul Townsend and Ronnie Lampe just did what they do and consistently put wins and seconds in the bag. We had a little bit of rain early on in the day but the weather improved all day and was pretty warm, but the wind decided to make our day as challenging as it possibly could. It became very, very crossed and at the end of the day, we had to either move slope to Ice Cream slope (possibly VR !!) or try to continue with the KO stage where we were.
We voted to stay on the slope and the Knock outs were organised. Race one was told to launch and then they promptly fell out of the sky as the wind swung to about 90degrees off slope. Another vote was had and the result was called based on the heats of which we managed to have seven rounds.

Massive congrats to Ronnie Lampe, our National Champion for 2010!!
Thanks to all who came and competed, couldn't have had the day without you all there. Thanks also to Steve, Will and Tim for helping with the CD duties and general running of the day.

60inch Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD)

Pos Name Pts
1 Ronnie Lampe 25
2 Steve Clarke 24
2 Dave Elam 24
2 Paul Townsend 24
5 Frank Hulton 19
6 Clayton Landells 17
7 Mike Evans 16
8 Andrew Evans 15
9 Tim Prevett 14
10 Tim Ward 13
11 Will Deighton 12
12 Adrian Nelmes 11
12 Mark Abotts 11
14 Alan John 9
15 Ron Broughton 8