BMFA League1 - 18th / 19th April 2009


report by Jon Edison

BMFA League1 60inch

R1 was held in Wales on the back of the wrecker. Strong winds on the Saturday, producing some great racing. 3 Horcum members took part.

Results ( NYMRSC Members * ) :-

1st Mark Abbotts
2nd Ronnie Lampe *
3rd Paul Townsend *
4th Frank Hulton
5th= Steve Clarke
5th= Ron Broughton
7th= John Davies
7th=Tim Prevett
9th Clive Jones
10th Mike Croft

BMFA League1 F3F

Unfortunately the strong winds enjoyed on the Saturday deserted us on Sunday. The forcast for light winds made hill choice a nightmare.The decision was finally made to use the 'Crest' as the winds were from the east. However only 2 rounds were completed before the wind swung south, forcing a a change of hill. After reassembling on the 'Back of the Wrecker' the wind never picked up sufficienlty to complete the Competion, and the day was abandoned.