BMFA League 1 South Wales
17th / 18th April 2010

Result breakdown Click here for 60inch

60inch Report by Clayton Landells
F3F report by Mike Shellim

Updated 2 June 2010

BMFA League1 60inch
Report By Clayton Landells

We spent the morning waiting for the wind to pick up on the Wrecker at the Bwlch in South Wales.Finally we were rewarded for our persistance on the Back of Wrecker slope with a nice sea
breeze and the competition was underway at around 2:30. The conditions were quite tricky as the breeze was very light and quite changeable, which made for some very close and spectacular racing. There were a few mid-airs today as the best line was quite narrow and right on the lip of the slope, so paths were bound to cross. Testament to EPP that all the models will live to fight another day with only a few broken linkages and servo arms to be repaired. I had great intentions of catching lots of footage and taking plenty of photos,managed to take none of either so hopefully others did and will share them with us.Dave Rumble flew flawlessly today to take a very convincing victory, he was only beaten in one race all day! Well done Dave. Paul Townsend also had a stellar day and deservedly takes second place both in the heats and the knock-outs. Steve Clarke shared second in
heats with Paul but payed the price for not getting into the final of the knockouts and had to share third place on the day with Vic Eldridge who despite only finishing seventh through to round 4, made it into the final of the knockouts.

60inch Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD)

1 D Rumble 100
2 P Townsend 98
3= S Clarke 92
3= V Eldridge 92

5 F Hulton 90
6 M Abbotts 87
7= N Cornes 84
8 R Lampe 83
9= Tim Ward 82
9= Alan John 82
11= C Landells 81
11= T Prevett 81
11= R Broughton 81
14 A Evans 74
15= A Nelmes 0
15= C Saska 0
15= C.H.Jones 0

BMFA League1 F3F
Report by Mike Shellim

Just fourteen pilots turned up for the first league event of 2010. No doubt some absentees were put off by the poor wind forecast (and the alternative prospect of watching the Chinese Grand Prix while tucked up in bed).

Unfortunately the forecast was correct. There was no breeeze until after lunch, and then just one round was completed before the wind died again (which happened while I was flying - the tip of my Skorpi has the marks to proove it!).

Most of us still had some fun - there are worse places than the Wrecker to twiddle your thumbs on a sunny spring day, especially if you have a toy to play with. In fact, DLG's and electric helicopters are rapidly becoming essential kit for F3F events!

Our thanks to Andrzej, Kevin and helpers. Let's hope for better luck at the Hole of Horcum