BMFA League2 - 9th / 10th May 2009

report by Jon Edison

BMFA League R2 60inch

R2 was held at Horcum. The NYMRSC Club was very well represented with 9 members attending the 60inch on the Saturday and 14 members attending the F3F on the Sunday

On Saturday with winds gusting to 38mph, and from the SSW, flying the 60inch at Levisham proved to be tricky. Forecast was for the wind to swing W, but it never did. Flying ranged from ballistic to balmy!

Results ( NYMRSC Members * ) are:-.

1 Ronnie Lampe 97 *
2 Paul Townsend 96 *
3= Neal Shead 93 *

3= Mike Evans 93
5 Mark Abbotts 91
6= Dave Sykes 88 *
6= Brian Bates 88 *

8 Dave Elam 87
9 Ron Broughton 86
10 Paul Middleton 81 *
11 Alan Sculpham 79 *
12 Jon Edison 78 *
13 Frank Hulton 76 *

Well done Ron, must be leading the Championship so far ( kiss of death I know ), Paul in second and Neal, who I think was flying in his first 60inch comp!, in third.

BMFA League R2 F3F

Unfortunately the weather again didn't play ball for the F3F on the Sunday, and only 2 flights took place before the wind died totally. The competition was abandoned at 2pm.

Ben Steele was the poor guy in the air at the point the wind flipped from South to North, resulting in a long walk walk to the bottom of the South Bowl - We have all been there Ben!