BMFA League3 - 30th / 31th May 2009

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report by Jon Edison

BMFA League3 60inch

R3 was held in Wales on the Crest. Weather was terrific on the Saturday, producing some fantastic racing.

Results were ( NYMRSC Members * ):-

1 Mark Abbotts 100
2 Steve Clarke 96
3 Ron Broughton 95
4 Ronnie Lampe 94 *
5 Mike Evans 93
6 Kevin newton 91
7 Tim Prevett 87
8 Mike Crofts 86
9= Frank Hulton 81 *
9= Clive Jones 81
9= Will Deighton 81
12 Brian Bates 78
13 Mike Young 38

BMFA League3 F3F

Fortunately the terrific weather enjoyed by the 60inch boys stayed with us for the F3F event on the Sunday, but direction was betwixt and between hills: the decision was finally made to use the aptly named 'Wrecker'. The hot weather and winds slightly off from the East, made for some variable conditions, but if you were on the course when a juicy thermal came by, you were in for a great run. 6 rounds were completed

Horcum members were again there in force, with Paul Garnett storming to a terrific win! The final positions for the 10 Horcum flyers ( out of 34 Competitors ) were :-

1st Paul Garnett Skorpion
5th Mark Redsell Ceres
8th Richard Bago Vikos
14th Ronnie Lampe Sting
16th Jon Edison Skorpion
19th Ben Steele Viking
24th Keith Wood Skorpion
26th Frank Hulton New Sting
27th Paul Foster Skorpion
31st John Thornton Predator