BMFA League 3 Whitesheet
12th / 13th June 2010

Result breakdown for F3F here

60inch Report by Clayton Landells
F3F report by Mike Shellim

Updated 18 June 2010

BMFA League3 60inch
Report By Clayton Landells

It was an interesting day and we managed to 'complete' 5 rounds. We moved slopes for the Knockout section and didn't have enough lift to warrant forging ahead so the heat points were doubled to give us a final points score out of 100.
Big thanks to Vic for CDing and a massive thanks to everyone for turning up.
Steve Clarke flew outstandingly again and took victory with joint second going to Dave Rumble and Ronni Lampe.

There was some talk about setting a minimum wind strength and being able to call races on or off prior to the round.
In theory, I think it is a good idea as it would save days like yesterday from happening (hopefully).
But....... 9mph on the wrecker, which was forecasted for Whitesheet, would be full ballast. Also, forecasts often change the day prior to an event and the forecast on Wednesday, when people need to know for changing X-tals and planning their trip, is often unreliable.

Anyway, a nice day in the sun watching planks try to survive ten laps was had by all.

60inch Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD)

Pos Name Pts
1 Steve Clarke 100
2 Ronnie Lampe 98
2 Dave Rumble 98
4 Jason Bioletti 94
5 Paul Townsend 92
6 Adrian Nelmes 90
6 Frank Hulton 90
8 Mike Evans 86
9 Clayton Landells 84
9 Tim Prevett 84
11 Andrew Evans 80
12 Vic Eldridge 78
12 Mark Abotts 78


BMFA League3 F3F
Report by Mike Shellim

A result at last!

I like flying at Whitesheet. It's beautifully situated at the end of a long ridge, and the slopes are easily accessible. And while the main bowl doesn't lend itself to ballistic flying, it makes a relaxing contrast to the adrenalin rush that is South Wales.

After the first two competitions this year were abandoned due to the weather, it's good to report that Whitesheet provided the first result of 2010. The wind wasn't brilliant and there was some thermal variation, which contributed to the slightly party atmosphere. Nevertheless, by the time the rain finally came, a full six rounds had been flown. The winner was John Bennett, Simon Thornton was runner up and John Phillips third.Mick Walsh achieved fastest time of 42 seconds (five seconds faster than than anyone else!).

F3F Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD)

1  J Bennett    4510.6
2  S Thornton   4490.3
3  J Phillips   4483.2
4  M Newnham    4406.1
5  K Newton     4344.4
6  M Walsh      4315.7
7  M Abbotts    4288.7
8  M Evans      4239.5
9  J West       4214.1
10 W Smith      4209.4
11 F Hulton     4141.2
12 A Freeman    4070.4
13 R Lampe      4055.0
14 K Wood       4026.6
15 G Harrison   4018.0
16 M Shellim    4004.8
17 A Richardson 3971.4
18 J Treble     3863.7
19 A Tabero     3854.8
20 V Eldridge   3787.2
21 P Townsend   3735.7
22 J Bioletti   3657.7
23 T Noble      3655.8
24 P Taylor     3524.9
25 I Mason      1220.9

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