BMFA League 6 Long Mynd
2nd / 3rd Oct 2010

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60inch Report by Clayton Landells
F3F Cancelled due to Rain


BMFA League 6 60inch
Report By Clayton Landells

Clear skies and a bit of a breeze greeted us on the Ashes Hollow slope a the Long Mynd in Shropshire for the 6th round of the 2010 BMFA EPP60 Pylon racing championship.

The course was set up reasonably promptly (for an EPP60 event!) and we were underway with quite a healthy field of 11 competitors.
Some would claim home turf advantages and others (myself included) would say he flew outstandingly all day, Mike Evans was just untouchable! He won every race with mainly his Reaper, but anything he flew. He was made to work very hard in most of the races and any mistakes would have been very costly, he kept his nerve even with Mark Abbotts' Odyssey breathing down his neck. That Odyssey of Marks is extraordinarily fast and when he gets dialled in with it, I have no doubt that the Abbo we all know and fear will be back to wipe the floor with us all. A revelation for Saturday was Andy Burgoyne. Partly aided by his ability to produce the card with a number 1 on it for pole position, but mostly due to a very well flown and cleanly built Reaper which stayed out of trouble (or flew through it!) and finished the heats in a well deserved 3rd position tied with a very determined Paul Townsend. Paul flew very well all day and was clearly one of the fastest. An uncharacteristic DNF in the heats relegated Paul from a certain 2nd place in the heats. You might be wondering why I haven't mentioned our series leader, Ronnie Lampe yet. Well he just wasn't 'on song' on Saturday with only two heat wins and a DNF from a mid-air with Andy Evans pole-cat. Ronnie ended up tied for 6th place with Frank Hulton who flew his Copycat all day and popped its mid-air cherry by walloping Phil Smiths X-it. Phil and Paul Stubley were both flying flying wings as well as they could be flown with Phil Smith winning his first heat race. Ron Broughton and Andy Evans both flew really well but just didn't get the results they were after.

The knockout session was very, very entertaining! We had everything from Paul T playing Chicken with an un-flinching Andy B and his very strong Reaper, to Ronnie trying to remove the CD at base A in a last ditch attempt to gain a position in the closest race of the day as they crossed the finish line. That race was the consolation final to determine the 4th, 6th and 6th placegetters with Paul T just managing to hang -on to 4th from a marauding Frank and a very desperate Ronnie. There would not have been more than 6 feet between all three models as they finished. The final race was also very exciting +with Mike and Mark matching each other for pace the entire race and. the slightly better start from Mike securing first place from Mark with Andy B taking the final place on the podium.
Massive thanks to the LMSA for hosting the competition and to Mike for helping with the CD duties and the running of the day. Thanks also to everyone that competed, you all made the day a good one!

Next up is the home of the Huddersfield Mafia for the final round of the 2010 season on the 23rd of Oct. Looking forward to a big turnout and some more fantastic racing. See you there!!!

60inch Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD)

Pos Name Pts
1 Mike Evans 100
2 Mark Abbotts 98
3 Andy Burgoyne 96
4 Paul Townsend 95
5 Frank Hulton 92
6 Ronnie Lampe 91
7 Ron Broughton 88
8 Clayton Landells 86
9 Paul Stubley 84
10 Andy Evans 82
11 Phil Smith 81

BMFA League 6 F3F

No result after rain stopped play!