BMFA League 7 Huddersfield
23th / 24th October 2010

Result breakdown here

60 inch Report by Clayton Landells
F3F Report by Jon Edison here

BMFA League 7 60inch
Report by Clayton Landells

Well the 2010 BMFA EPP60 Season has drawn to a close with a spectacular .............................................................. fizz!!! .
HUGE THANKS to all the guys that stuck it out in the rain and freezing cold for so long in the hope that we could get at least three rounds of pylon racing to happen. The rain cleared for long enough at about 1 o'clock to set up the course and then it came in again.

I made the very difficult decision to call the meeting off at 2 o'clock which turned out to be the right decision as it was still raining at 3 when I left.

This gives us a 2010 EPP60 league champion in the Brummy guise of Mike Evans. Congratulations Mike !!!

In Second place is our former co-ordinator Steve Clarke and in third place with equal points but a lower highest round score is our 2010 Nats champion Ronnie Lampe.
Attached below are the final league scores breakdown.


60inch League - Final Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD)

Pos Name Pts
1 Mike Evans 385
2 Steve Clarke 384
3 Ronnie Lampe 384
4 Paul Townsend 380
5 Frank Hulton 370
6 Mark Abbotts 366
7 Clayton Landells 359
8 A Evans 300
9 Dave Rumble 296
10 Tim Prevet 247
19 Paul Middleton 93
20 Tim Shaw 92
21 Jon Edison 91
30 Alan Scupham 90


BMFA League 7 F3F
Report by Jon Edison

A very frosty start to the day at Tinkers, with blue sky and fantastic views, but sadly little wind. When the winds speeds did pick up, direction was from the North, giving a very cold and crossed wind, with speeds varying around the legal minimum (3 m/s) all day. So after a hesitant start, 5 rounds were finally completed with 21 pilots.

A terrific first league win for Paul Middleton, Joel West in second and Ronnie Lampe in third. Fastest time of the day went to Joel with a 53.06

With 2 top three finishers, and eight other Club Members in the points, the NYMRSC represented nearl half the field! Well done Guys.

F3F Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD)

Pos Name Model Pts
1 Paul Middleton Vikos 3873.37
2 Joel west Freestyler 3851.40
3 Ronnie Lampe Strega 3596.92
4 Jon Edison Extreme 3561.07
5 Frank Hulton New Sting 3556.79
6 Simon Thornton Freestyler
7 Adam Richardson Vampire
8 Martin Newnham Freestyler
9 Richard Bago Martinet 3490.63
10 Tim Shaw Vikos 3470.21
11 John Thornton Skorpion 3462.42
12 Clayton Landells Skorpion 3443.11
13 Mark Abbotts Caldera
14 John Philips Predator
15 Mike Shellim Sting
16 Dave Elam Sting
17 Mick Walsh Extreme
18 George Pilkington Strega
19 Alan Scupham Strega 3010.92
20 Mark Treble Dragon 2961.24
21 Egan Lewin Acacia 2808.49


Thanks to everyone for their help, and for sticking with it through some very variable flying conditions. Special thanks to the Hudderfield Club for the use of their site. Full results here.

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