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North of England F3F Open 29-30th June 2013
Hole of Horcum, North Yorkshire , England

Updated 26 June 2013

Welcome to the North York Moors Ridge Soaring Club. We are pleased to be once again holding our F3F ‘open’ competition in 2013. As in previous years, the competition is being held in conjunction with the Eurotour series of F3F races. This year the competition will also form part of the World Cup series.

How to enter

Entry list will open on the 29th March 2013. Entry closes when 50 competitors have been received or by the 20th June, whichever happens soonest. Only 35mHz or 2.4gHz frequencies allowed.
Send an e-mail with your name, frequency ( in the case of 35mHz, 2 frequencies ), and Team name if appropriate, to jonedison@btinternet.com. If your name does not appear on the flying list within 1 week please resend your e-mail.

NB to take part in any Eurotour Competition, Pilots need an FAI Licence. For UK pilots, this can be obtained from the BMFA, regardless of whether you are a member of the BMFA or not

Teams ( Updated 1 April 2013 )

There will be a trophy for the top three man team. You do not have to fly as a team, but if you want to, include your team details when you enter or before the closing date of the 20th June. Teams will NOT be accepted after this date.

Entry fee.

The entry will be 25 pounds sterling ( 30 euro ). Payment will be collected on the day.

The Event

Additional information

Saturday Night

Pickering has a good selection of Restaurants, Pubs and Take-away's. No formal meal is being arranged.


Being a popular tourist area, there is plenty of accommodation in Pickering and the surrounding area, but you will need to book to be sure of securing a bed!

 The local tourist office is :- 
Pickering Tourist Information Centre 
The Ropery
YO18 8DY
Tel: 01751 473791
Fax: 01751 473487

Email:  pickeringtic@btconnect.com

Whitby Tourist Information
Langborne Road
North Yorkshire
YO21 1YN
Telephone: 01723 383637
Fax: 01723 383604 










Flying Order
  Name Cntry Team Freq
1 Paul Garnett GBR A Team 2.4
2 Mick Walsh GBR   2.4
3 Peter Gunning GBR Mickeys Massive 2.4
4 Mike Shellim GBR   2.4
5 Frits Donker-Duyvis NLD   2.4
6 Greg Dakin GBR Tea Swillers 2.4
7 Peter Kowalski DEU SAF 72
8 Martin Kopp CHE Switzerland 2.4
9 Jon Edison GBR F.A.R.T.S 67
10 Jonathan Wells GBR A Team 2.4
11 Christian Gremper CHE   2.4
12 Robert Hermans NLD   2.4
13 Tom Foreman GBR Team RPM 2.4
14 Martin Ulrich CHE Switzerland 2.4
15 Dominique Wettstein CHE   2.4
16 Erik Heijne NLD   77
17 Richard Bago GBR GBU 2.4
18 John Treble GBR   2.4
19 Stefan Bernardy NLD   2.4
20 Dave Watson GBR   2.4
21 Paul Upton GBR Team RPM 2.4
22 Frank Hulton GBR   2.4
23 John Philips GBR Tea Swillers 2.4
24 Stefan Bertski CHE Mickeys Massive 2.4
25 Mark Redsell GBR A Team 2.4
26 Dieter Perlick DEU SAF 2.4
27 Tom McPherson GBR F.A.R.T.S 84
28 Rick Ruijsink NLD   2.4
29 Alvaro Silgado SPN   2.4
30 Simon Thornton GBR GBU 2.4
31 Eberhard Rosenman AUT Switzerland 2.4
32 Mark Abbotts GBR Mickeys Massive 2.4
33 Ronnie Lampe GBR   2.4
34 George Young GBR   2.4
35 Kev Newton GBR Tea Swillers 2.4
36 Keith Wood GBR F.A.R.T.S 2.4
37 Mike McCracken GBR Team RPM 2.4
38 Mike Evans GBR   2.4
39 Mark Treble GBR   2.4
40 Klaus Kowalski DEU SAF 62
41 Martin Newnham GBR GBU 2.4