Northern F3F Winter League 2011
Round 3 ( Click here for Spreadsheet )
8th January 2011

Fastest time of the day - 40.83 flown by Peter Gunning
Pictures, thanks to Peter Gunning. Report by Jon Edison


With Winter arriving early this year, the prospects of another round being cancelled was a distinct possibility. Fortunately the severe weather dissappeared along with most of the snow by early January and the chance of a comp looked good.
However the early forecasts were poor, and only hours before the comp was called, a sudden change of weather meant we were ON!


Peter Gunning was first man away with his CYRIL, and set down a marker of 51.51 which was pretty good for the conditions. Peters consistent flying eventually saw him finish 3rd and also had the fastest time of the day.
Richard Bago
followed on, and apart from one ooops in the abandoned R2, settled down to a steady day with a commendable 2nd place
Mike McCracken started the day with his SKORPION, before swapping it for his Ascot to fly consistently into 7th place.

Paul Middleton on the other hand started with his Vikos before changing to his SKORPION, but with mixed results, but still ended the day in 4th.

Alan Scupham
decided to use his PIKE WR forsaking his Strega, which proved to be a sound choice. Alan stayed close to the pace for most of the day to finish 11th

Egon Lewin flew his trusty ACACIA II very consitantly all day and apart from a strange DNF in R1, finished in 12th


Mick Lideard with his VIKOS had a number of good rounds but otherwise had trouble breaking through to sub 60 barrier to finish 9th place . 

Jon Edison appeared on the pace with his EXTREME, but continued to fly an overlong course all day to eventually finish 8th

Mark Trebble with his DRAGON had the most steady of days, but maybe a little too steady, ending up in 13th.


Paul Garnett bent his XFIRE II on landing after the first round, which unfortunately put him out of the comp.

Frank Hulton decided that 'short' was the way to go, piloting his EXTREME to cut a few bases as well as incurring a penalty on the way to end up in 10th.

Mark Redsell flew an excellently controlled race with his FREESTYLER, winning four rounds to take first place.

Keith Wood
also with a FREESTYLER had a more varied day, handled the early crosswind conditions well, but lost out later, but still finished a respectable 6th place.

John Thornton
and his ever improving SKORPION, had a number of top three places in the rounds, to eventually finish an excellent 5th

Thanks to all for your support during the day



With 14 Pilots and 7 Rounds completed, the final results were :-

1 MARK REDSELL Freestyler 5865.13
2 RICHARD BAGO Martinet 5598.20
3 PETER GUNNING Cyril 5584.10
4 PAUL MIDDLETON Vikos / Skorp 5283.30
Skorpion 5261.31
Freestyler 5053.30
7 MIKE McCRACKEN Skorp / Ascot 4889.43
8 JON EDISON Extreme 4859.21
9 MICK LIDEARD Vikos 4630.68
10 FRANK HULTON Extreme 4507.32
11 ALAN SCUPHAM Pike WR 4477.22
12 EGON LEWIN Acacia II 4237.72
13 MARK TREBBLE Dragon 3907.09
14 PAUL GARNETT Xfire II 881.11