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Updated 4 Jan 2024

2024 Calendar










2024 Events at Horcum Here


F3F Winter League Dates 2024

6th Jan 2024 WL1 and Horcum Challenge Cup
3rd Feb 2024
2nd Mar 2024

Reserve Dates 17th Feb and 16th Mar 2024

The reserve dates apply after the loss of 2 or more scheduled events.NB 'loss' means the event was cancelled or failed to complete.

Champion of Champions

The top 5 pilots from the Winter League Series will be invited to attend a 2 day fly-off in Wales.


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2024 Dates at Horcum
All Dates Confirmed

NB BMFA league will be used for the F3F Team Selection. Both UK Eurotours are now part of the BMFA League score. All events except the Winter League, PSS and Classic Glider Meet are organised by the GBSRA

6th Jan F3F Winter League
3rd Feb F3F Winter League
2rd Mar
F3F Winter League
23rd/24th March - Champion of Champions Horcum
16th Mar 2024 - NYMRSC AGM ( Via ZOOM )
12th May - PSS
16th June - Club Fly-In
28th/30th June, F3F Eurotour at Horcum
14th July - Classic Glider Day
18th Aug - Club Fly-In
8th Sept - Scale Day
29th Sept - BMFA F3F L5
13th Oct - Club Fly-In
2nd Nov - F3F Winter League
7th Dec -F3F Winter League

Other Calendar Dates :-

7th April - BMFA F3F L1 Wales
19th May - BMFA F3F L2 Whitesheet
21st Jul BMFA F3F L3 - Scotland
13th/15th Sept - Welsh Open
Aug - BMFA F3F L4 - Mynd
Oct - BMFA F3F Reserve

To Enter any BMFA event, please contact the 2023BMFA league Coordinator here. For all other Events contact the Event Organisors

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Horcum Winter League Rules

 The HoH Winter league will be flown to FAI F3F Rules.


 Format of the Event

 Model Classes

 The new 2M class is designed to encourage participation in F3F racing by any Pilot regardless  of model type. Pilots will qualify for the Champion of Champions Event in each class seperately.  Competitors will NOT be allowed to fly in both Open and 2M Class events.

 Qualifying Events

 Jon Edison
 updated 10/10/2010

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Champion of Champions Rules:

1. The aim is to promote F3F at a regional level as well as to add an ‘end of winter’ final to some of the fastest flying of the year.
2. Qualifying Leagues: The current North, Midlands and Welsh leagues – held at the Hole of Horcum, Long Mynd and Bwlch respectively are to be the leagues invited for the Winter League.  The top 3 Scottish Pilots from their winter league will also be invited.  Anyone wishing to make their league a ‘qualifying event’ should contact the Champion of Champions Hosting Club Organisor before the end of the season.
2.1  Each league will be invited to send it’s top 5 pilots (identified by finishing positions) to take part in the 2 day fly-off  to be held at one of the UK's flying sites on the last weekend of March.
2.1.1 In addition to the Open class F3F positions, pilots taking part with models of up to 2m span will be classified in their own league.  The top 2m pilot from each league will be invited to the Champion of Champions race.
2.2  Each pilot will automatically be entered into the league that they first race in.  Changes to each pilot’s qualifying league must be made to the League Coordinator before the final round of winter league races.
2.2.1 A pilot may only ‘race’ in either the open or 2m class. 
2.3  In the event of a pilot not being able to compete, or qualifying through another league, the opportunity to race will be passed down each league’s finishing order, to achieve 5 pilots from each league.  ‘Guest’ flyers may be invited at the CD’s discretion - such as CD’s/buzzer supremos.
2.4  Entry fees to the final will be restricted to the amount required by the host club to put on the day’s racing and paying their land owner.

3. Prizes
3.1  The prize for the winning Open class pilot and the winning 2m class pilot at the Champion of Champions Race 2011 will be identified and declared by the organiser once known.

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