Northern F3F Winter League

Round 3

10th Jan 2009

Pictures, thanks to George Young, Jon edison

Report by Jon Edison


  Terrific forecast, 20mph Southerly wind - our favourite direction. We were all set for  the best winter league so far - WRONG!

Horcum had other ideas! The wind was there OK, but so was the FOG. Not any old fog, but the FREEZING cold variety, producing some of the most spectacular hoar frost seen for a long time.


With a wind chill reading of -13deg C on the edge, this was going to be some test of man and machine - if the fog ever cleared that is. Having encountered similar conditions at an earlier Winter League, we were convinced it would.

The dozen or so pilots who had ventured onto the slope, huddled together for warmth as they waited for that moment when the sun broke through, and the fog began to lift. So we waited ..............

 With the temperature seeming to drop by the hour, I ventured to the slope edge to peer into the misty abyss hoping for the first glimpse that the conditions were improving


It soon became clear ( or not! ) that even if the mist did lift, flying was going to be a test of the fittest. After only a few moments on the edge, the wind was beginning to peel the flesh from my face, and whilst the pilots would 'only' have to endure a minute or so on the edge, the poor old CD was going to join the Chickens in Tesco's freezer section if he attempted to stay there too long

The fog was not going to lift. The sad realisation was beginning to dawn. We had been let down by the forecast, and as the time slowly began to tick away, the icy conditions won, and we called it a day.

Maybe we were 'saved' by the conditions we will never know, all I can say is that as the blood flowed back into my extremities, I had that 'great to be alive feeling' and the car felt positively tropical all the way home.