Northern F3F Winter League 2008 / 2009

Round 5 and Final Results

7th Mar 2009

Fastest time of the day 39.02 flown by Peter Gunning

Pictures, thanks to George Young, Dave Watson.

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Report by Jon Edison



We had everything crossed that the weather Gods would look favourably on us for the last Winter League event of the 2008 / 2009 season.

I am pleased to say they did, and whilst sunshine wasn't on offer, a steady S to SW wind was, and it remained all day.

However just as a reminder of how lucky we have been, a shower of rain mid afternoon kept us in our place


Mark Redsell was first man up knowing he had to do well, promptly cut several bases before abandoning R1 with a zero score - not a good start.

Tony Fu was therefore left to set the pace for the round and promptly posted a 50.75. Consistency was the order of the day for Tony, with every round within a second or two of each other before loosing the plot in the last Round

Frank Hulton had a slow start, but pulled back with sub 50's in every round bar one to end the day in tenth place. Keith Wood had a similar day, but scored a zero in R2 after getting well out of shape at Base B. Keith ended well down the points in an unfamiliar thirteenth.


Dave Wright had mixed fortunes with his NEEDLE 100, finally ending the day in eighth place

Ronnie lampe started well, wringing the neck of his STING to culmninate in his fastest time of 43.40 in R5, but didn't consistently make the most of the conditions finally ending in nineth. More ballast next time Ron!

Peter Gunning, flying his ASCOT had an up and down day, before pulling out of thin air, the fastest time of the day in the last round. Peter finished fourth.

Paul Middleton was well uninpressed with Peter's 39.02, as he was holding fastest time with a 40.31 up to that point. Still, sixth place with his BIG BIRD aint bad going.


George Young with his PIKE SUPERIOR WR hibrid plugged away all day, but just didn't get into the low 40's to make an impression, and ended fifteenth. Dave Watson had a similar sort of day ending a little higher in eleventh.

Richard Bago set off with his VIKOS in great style, winning R1 and stayed on the pace all day to give him a deserved third place. Ian Stewart didn't seem comfortable with his CERES, and apart from a sub 50 in R4 stayed out of contention .


Greg Dakin on the other hand had a battle royal with Mark Redsell, winning three rounds to stay ahead and finish first.

Robert Carson / Calyspso Cobra / SW wind didn't mix too well and Robert was well down the rankings by the end.

Paul Garnett can normally do the business, but started badly before pulling back with his SKORP to finish fifth



Duncan Pask's first full comp with his VIKOS had potential, and with a bit more practice should do well.

Paul Carrington slowly refined the settings on his NEEDLE 124 to improve in the later stages of the day to finally finish forteenth . Jon Edison blasted his STING into second place in R1 and then lost the urge there after to finish seventh.

Last man up, Alan Scupham was consistenly in the sub 60's but didn't manage to get his BLADE to go any faster and ended up at the bottom of the pack.



With 19 Pilots and 8 Rounds completed, the final results were :-

1 GREG DAKIN Freestyler 6710.89
2 MARK REDSELL Ceres 6683.62
3 RICH BAGO Vikos 6617.24

4 PETER GUNNING Ascot 6540.84
5 PAUL GARNET Skorp 60243.39
6 PAUL MIDDLETON BigBird 6131.89
7 JON EDISON Sting 6083.09
8 DAVE WRIGHT Needle 100 6063.91
9 RONNY LAMPE Sting 6002.81
10 FRANK HULTON Caldera 5938.99
11 DAVE WATSON Viking 5923.61
12 TONY FU Vikos 5833.95
13 KEITH WOOD Skorp 5728.70
14 PAUL CARRINGTON Needle 124 5673.78
15 GEORGE YOUNG Pike Superior 5611.98
16 IAN STEWART Ceres 5494.54
17 ROBERT CARSON Calypso Cobra 5489.37
18 DUNCAN PASK Vikos 5180.44
19 ALAN SCUPHAM Blade 4987.87


This series must rank as one of the most memorable Winter League Series so far, with 4 of the scheduled events scoring, best of 3 to count.

The Final Positions for theT9 Hobbysport Sponsored Winter League 2008/2009 are :-

1 M REDSELL 2995.41
2 G DAKIN 2976.80
3 P GARNETT 2848.44

4 R BAGO 2806.40
5 P GUNNING 2724.54
6 F HULTON 2663.94
7 K WOOD 2643.76
8 J EDISON 2599.32
9 D WRIGHT 2562.60
10 P MIDDLETON 2524.05
11 I STEWART 2462.57
12 R LAMPE 2402.18
13 G YOUNG 2357.19
14 P TOWNSEND 2347.58
15 T FU 2342.12
16 P FOSTER 2278.75
17 A SCUPHAM 1828.73
18 D WATSON 1717.70
19 P CARRINGTON 1685.03
20 R CARSON 1675.23
21 D PASK 1116.28
22 B STEELE 828.00
23 A RICHARDSON 781.67
24 R SMITH 684.82
25 M.CHALLANOR 233.00


Thanks to everyone who took part, helping to make it one of our most successful series to date. Next year will be even better.

Here's looking forward to the Winter League Champions Final being hosted in Wales on the 28th / 29th March 2009