Northern F3F Winter League 2011
Round 5 ( Click here for Spreadsheet )
5th March 2011

Fastest time of the day - 41.59 flown by Peter Gunning
Pictures, thanks to Dave Watson, Mark Redsel. Report by Jon Edison


At last, decent weather conditions without any ifs and buts. A steady but chilly NE wind all day, some variation in the lift but you could hardly say it was thermal!
The grey misty start to the day soon cleared, and flying got underway by about 10:30.

14 pilots made for a quick round time, and by 16:30 a halt was called after a strenuous 14 rounds.


Richard Bago was first man away with his Martinet, and set down a marker of 42.45 which won the Round and gave clue to what was to come. Despite a very determined effort, Richard was finally knocked from top spot two rounds from the end, to finish 2nd.
Frank Hulton
followed on with his EXTREME and flew well, winning R6 to finally finish 6th.
Mark Trebble decided to fly his untested WIZARD COMPACT which proved to be a great decision, culminating in a PB in R6 to give Mark a final position of 12th.

Keith Wood stuck with his trusty FREESTYLER, flying very consistently all day, hanging on to 5th spot by the end .
Dave Wright
decided to use his ZEUS which proved to be a sound choice. With several top 3 finishes and a win in R9, Dave placed a very commendable 4th overall
Egon Lewin also had a steady day flying his trusty ACACIA II to finish in 12th


Steve Kenyon also flew an ACACIA II , and very sportingly allowed Jon Wells to fly it in the last round, after Jon pranged his on launch, relegating Steve into 14th place . 

Jon Edison started the day with a couple of top three finishes with his EXTREME, before loosing the plot to eventually finish 8th

Jon Wells with his ESPADA looked good, and had a number of second placed finishes, before a bad launch in R12 but him out of the race for a couple of rounds, but still finished in 9th.


Peter Gunning flew is CYRIL consistently all day, and despite an FTD of 41.59 didn't manage to haul himself higher than a very well deserved 3rd place.

Mark Redsell had a bad start to the day with his FREESTYLER, but in typical Mark fashion, slowly chipped away at the leader, before overhauling Richard in R13 to take top spot!

Dave Watson suffering less from the lack of flying than his other North of the Border colleagues, managed to drag his VIKOS round into 7th place

George Young
on the other hand was clearly out of practice, but did show signs of improvement at each round, before finally piloting his VIKOS into 11th place.

Mike McCracken
did slightly better with his ASCOT, and despite a few higher placed finishes mid race, only managed to hang onto 10th place

Thanks to all for your support during the day



With 14 Pilots and 14 Rounds completed, the final results were :-

1 MARK REDSELL Freestyler 11680.82
2 RICHARD BAGO Martinet 11498.89
3 PETER GUNNING Cyril 11412.30
4 DAVE WRIGHT Zeus 11081.14
Freestyler 10955.18
Extreme 10601.96
7 DAVE WATSON Vikos 10341.84
8 JON EDISON Extreme 10327.10
9 JON WELLS Espada 10106.15
10 MIKE McCRACKEN Ascot 10077.89
11 GEORGE YOUNG Vikos 9654.81
12 EGON LEWIN Acacia II 9574.97
13 MARK TREBBLE W.Compact 9381.67
14 STEVE KENYON Acacia II 8882.42