Northern F3F Winter League 2015
Round 4 ( Full Results Here)
7th March 2015

Fastest time of the day - 49.42 flown by Peter Gunning
Pictures, thanks to Geaorge Young, Jon Edison. Report by Jon Edison


Well that was a difficult day! Snow covered moorland didn't make for easy walking as we headed across the Northern edge for the NW ridge

Forecast wind speeds didn't materialise as promised, but bumbled along the 3m/s most of the time. Fortunately it stayed more or less square on all day


Foggy morning, which actually cleared very quickly, allowed a prompt start for the 13 pilots.Four rounds were completed before a lull in wind speeds forced a break for lunch. Rich taking the opportunity for some sport flying, watched by Peter, Dave, Martin and Mark R

More Sport Flying, before the comp resumed. The afternoon produced average winds speeds which appeared greater than the morning session, but flight times were no better.

By now ,the melting snow had found its way into even the best waterproof clothing, and with a few pilots suffering from wet feet,amongst other things, the competition stopped after Round 7 at 15:45.


Attempt to protect models with a ground sheet had limited succes, as the snow found its way into everything.

The walk back was is always hard after a day on the slopes, but many thanks to everyone who mucked in and carried the various bits of kit back. Special thanks to the two strangers who helped carry my models up the final hill to the car


The results,

Peter Gunning took top spot,
Mark Redsell in second
Ronnie Lampe in third.

Peter also took FTD with a round busting 49.42. Well done guys.



With 13 Pilots and 7 Rounds completed, the final results were :-

1 Peter Gunning 5713.13 Freestyler3
2 Mark Redsell  5566.87 Freestyler4
3 Ronnie Lampe     5529.05 Freestyler
4 Rich Bago 5330.40 Freestyler3
5 Mark Treble 5241.38 Toxic
6 Martin Newnham 5208.23 Freestyler
7 Keith Wood 5145.63 Freestyler
8 Dave Wright 5051.20  
9 Jon Edison  5035.89 Needle124
10 George Young 4996.64  
11 John Tideswell 4936.07 Freestyler
12 Neil Shead  4890.88 Strega
13 Bob Dickenson 2872.83 Ascot