Northern F3F winter league Round 1,

10th Nov 2007

Fastest time of the day 43.68 flown by Paul Carrington

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Report by Jon Edison




The first Winter League at Horcum nearly didn't make it. The rain and mist refusing to clear. By midday , with conditions still looking decidedly bleak, unrest broke out in the camp with several flyers about to call it a day. However a chink of brightness over towards the west convinced them to stay. We all headed off to take up positions at Levisham.

As the deadline approached, the weather relented. The cloud lifted and a gently breeze greated now relieved group.



Racing finally started at 1:30 . Given the late start we would have been happy to have managed 3 rounds, but in the event, 5 were completed, leaving enough time to exit the moor before the sun finally set.

A look at the results shows the dominance of the Skorpions, with the top 5 places taken. Paul Garnet flying Dave Wrights model after an unexpected prang with his, prior to the comp starting. Richard Bago still setting up his own Skorpion struggled to get the best out of his.


Racin Spectators
Jons Acacia


The two Acacia 2’s of Jon Edison and Paul Foster managing a creditable 6 th and 7 th, whilst Keith Wood and Dave Watson failed to show the form they capable of. Ian Mason suffering from a late night the night before, with Ian Stuart and Ali Sutherland just having a good time! Nice to Mick Lideard back with us. Considering he hasn’t flown for some time, managed to stay off the bottom slot.

However, another cracking win for Mark Redsell, Paul Carrington in second, and new boy Mike Challinor a very creditable third.

Fastest time went to Paul Carrington with a 43.68

Thanks to all who braved the weather and stuck it out. Next comp is 8th Dec. See you all there!



Mike Challinger



Computer says No   Mr CD Jon   Mick launches keith

1 Mark Redsell Skorpion 3885.53

2 Paul Carrington Skorpion 3551.87

3 Mike Challinor Skorpion 3548.21

4 Paul Garnet Skorpion 3515.86

5 Dave Wright Skorpion 3510.21

6 Jon Edison Acacia 2 3394.63

7 Paul Foster Acacia 2 3365.61

8 Richard Bago Skorpion 3329.33

9 Keith Wood New Sting 3306.16

10 Dave Watson Race M 3294.82

11 Ian Mason Acacia 3 3215.37

12 Ian Stuart Acacia 3 3123.78

13 Mick Lideard Elita 3001.38

14 Ali Sutherland Race M 2756.96




Ians No.1 Fan


Mikes Skorp
Mikes Skorp