Northern F3F winter league Round 4,

3rd Feb 2007

Fastest time of the day 66.69 flown by Dave Wright

Pictures, thanks to Ian and Dave

Report by Jon Edison


  With high pressure dominating the weather map, calling the competition ‘on’ was always going to have a risk element to it. The usual early morning gathering in the main car park was greeted with an absolutely clear blue sky and not breath of wind. Despite the weather predictions for a westerly, smoke from distant moorland fires indicated a Northerly. So by popular request the assembled group gamely headed for the Northern Slopes
After several hours and a stirling attempt by Peter Gunning to defy the laws of gravity by launching his Pike Superior into completely still air, Horcum produced its own variation to the weather. A warm southerly breeze ( remember the forecast was a cold westerly! ) was felt emanating from the main bowl! Ian launches Peters Pike
Wat!! wind coming from the south!!

A mad dash across the moor did indeed confirm a breeze from the South. Whilst not providing exciting flying conditions, it did at least allow us to run a competition, and in near shirtsleeve temperatures, a very pedestrian 5 rounds were achieved.


Paul Garnett proved to be the man to beat, with a revitalised Ian Mason in second closely followed by Richard Bago in third.

Dave Wright provided the excitement with a blistering 66.69 in the 4th round, giving some idea of the conditions.

Jon Edison struggled with an over weight Pike, but sneaked ahead of Tony Fu and his very pretty Erwin XL courtesy of the discard. Ian Simpson and Ian Stewart put in storming times in round3 after a reflight, coming 1 st and 2 nd in the round. Dave Watson managed a record for the longest flight of the day, whilst Keith Wood, despite winning a round, couldn’t maintain the momentum. Mark Newburn and Paul Carrington were always close, and as can be seen from the points, very little separated the first from last.

red XL
Dave sports the XL   Prepare to be launched   Xl launches into the still

The final scores after one discard were:-


1 PAUL GARNETT V Ultra Pico 3851.31

2 IAN MASON Acacia 3798.21

3 RICH BAGO Skorpion 3787.78

4 JON EDISON Pike WR 3751.97

5 TONY FU Erwin XL 3738.03

6 IAN SIMPSON Elipse 3736.11

7 KEITH WOOD Skorpion 3676.57

8 DAVE WATSON Race M 3645.32

9 DAVE WRIGHT Erwin XL 3619.94

10 IAN STEWART Tragi 3598.03

11 MARK NEWBURN Pike 3596.19

12 PETER GUNNING Pike Superior 3509.38

13 PAUL CARRINGTON Skorpion 3469.28

Thanks to everyone for a grand day out.

With 4 out of 4 winter league scoring so far, lets hope the final round on the 3rd March can complete the series in style.

More pics here and score breakdown here


The view


Keiths Skorp