Northern F3F winter league Round 4,

9th Feb 2008

Fastest time of the day 46.83 flown by Mark Redsell

Pictures, thanks to Ken Croft

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Report by Jon Edison



With Rounds 2 and 3 of the Winter League not producing a score, fingers were crossed that Round 4 would be blessed with better conditions. Forecast was for 12-13mph winds from the South, so it was looking good if not exactly ballistic. In the event, the forecast was spot on, and a bright sunny day with the predicted wind greeted the assembled crew


Racin Spectators
Dave  flying his Skorp


Racing started at an early 10am, and given the continued presence of a wind, expectations were for at least 10 rounds being achievable. In the event 15 rounds were easily accomplished. With approx 165 flights in the next 5 hours, the day proved pretty hectic for all.




Skorpions were once again the dominant model, taking the top two places. Peter Gunnings Race M kept ahead of Paul Garnett for the first half of the race, but Paul just got faster and faster as the race progressed, finally pushing Peter into third place. Keith Wood kept his New Sting in the top half of the score board, before changing to his Race M to move up a couple of places by the end. Dave Wright and Paul Garnett had a ‘mini’ comp going between them, with Dave doing well for the first half of the race, but eventually losing out to Paul’s charge at the end.



Pengy flying skorp
Pete lauches for his round Mark puts in his all Mick launches keiths Racem



Richard Bago failed to keep his Big Bird in the top slot, and apart from a couple of good rounds later in the comp, Richard stayed in the lower half of the field.

Rich returns from landing the Bird
Rich in flight   Mick launches Jons Skorp


Jon Edison had a similar race, despite winning Round 3, never flew consistently enough to be a threat, and then incurred two penalty points in Round 6 stuff any chance of a recovery.

Mick Lideard worked on the theory that shouting at your model would improve things, only to discover his theory was fatally flawed, but had a steady day never the less. Ben Steele had similarly steady day until Round 8 when he had one of those “oops - sh*t - crash” moments after getting out of shape leaving Base A.   Mick Elita
Ben Launches his Viking   Bens Viking   Fortunately the model survived the inverted landing, and Ben finished the day as though nothing had happened

Ronnie Lampe missed the first two rounds, but flew his Acacia consistently for the rest of the day, with a blistering 47.81 in Round 13 just to prove there was life in the old bird yet. Paul Middleton soldiered on with his Ocelot, but an aileron servo failure meant resorting to his 60inch back-up model in the later rounds

Ronnie concentrates
Paul launches   Pauls Ocelot  

However, another cracking win for Mark Redsell, Paul Garnett in second, and Peter Gunning in third.

Fastest time went to Mark Redsell with a 46.83Thanks to all who attended and helped with the organisation.

Next comp is 8th Mar. See you all there


1 Mark Redsell Skorpion 12914.34

2 Paul Garnett Skorpion 12416.76

3 Peter Gunning Race M 12266.84

4 Keith Wood New Sting / Race M 12213.99

5 Dave Wright Skorpion 11955.15

6 Richard Bago Big Bird 11616.44

7 Jon Edison Skorpion 11607.29

8 Mick Lideard Elita 11221.04

9 Ben Steele Viking 11205.00

10 Ronnie Lampe Acacia 11007.79

11 Paul Middleton Ocelot / Other 10107.85

  Dave alunches Big Bird
  Keith in flight
Skorp   Racem     Elita
Big Bird   Big Bird     Big Bird
Skorp   Skorp     RaceM
    Big Bird