The club was formed in September 1976 at a meeting between interested parties at the Saltersgate Inn. There were 11 Founder Members, and Dr.D.R.Hill was the first secretary.

At the following year’s meeting the membership subscription was raised to £2 per year, and a constitution and rules were set up. Membership rapidly increased to 50, and there it stuck for a number of years. The annual licence fee was £50, and that was raised to £95 by 1984. There was a SMAE involvement in the early days, but that ceased in 1981. Annual General Meeting attendances always seem to have been about 25.

The records show that a club member lost an eye in 1985 and this seems to have been the only serious accident that we have had. Club fees doubled in that year to £4.

A meteoric rise in membership resulted in 120 members by 1986. The north slope was closed due to nesting birds, and the Primrose Valley visitors had a row with one of the rangers!

The 1987 meeting managed to follow this up by being thrown out of the pub at 2.l5pm. Can anyone enlighten me as to why?

Note Added Feb 2010
Jack Glasby, one of our longest serving members, recalls that Club Meetings were always very well attended. So much so, that little room was left in the Pub for its 'regulars'. He thinks that the Landlord finally had had enought, and asked the Club to leave during one particularly boisterous meeting!

Don’t tell anyone from the Park Authority, but by 1988 we were paying £150 per year, which is one fifth what it is now.

I have no record as to why we moved the AGM to the Forest and Vale in 1989, but getting thrown out of the Saltersgate may have had something to do with it. The licence fee went up to £160. It was at this AGM that the transmitter stickers were introduced because of the problem of rogue fliers. Nothing ever changes.

The club then had problems with insurance, and difficulties with negotiations with North Yorkshire county Council. This resulted in a £300 per year licence fee, and £15 subscriptions. Subscriptions further rose to £17 in 1993

In 1995 the heading on the minutes changed, from North Yorkshire to North York , which is actually the correct title for the moors and is the title of the Authority. The Park Authority became our landlords, and overnight our licence problems became much simpler to negotiate as we were dealing with real people with an interest in the park, and not faceless council pen pushers.

Throughout the records, the same problems of non-members flying, hang gliders, and lack of interest in competitions. Nothing changes!!


A bit of club history. Wrote by Nigel Ling