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Northern F3F Winter League 3rd Dec 2016

Second round of the Winter League has been called OFF. Forecast is for winds speeds of only 2-4mp caused by a High pressure system slap over Horcum.

Northern F3F Winter League 5th Nov 2016

Well that wasn't too bad. The predicted showers did materialise, and despite being very heavy, were generally short lived. Never-the-less every round had at least one stoppage for rain, and the air between could be a bit tricky as well.

However the 9 pilots did managed 5 rounds on the NE slope before the wind swung too far west to continue, and with the prospect of more heavy rain to follow, a hasty retreat to the carpark was made before the next down pour.

Some great flying was had especially in the earlier rounds, with Greg coming out on top, followed by Mark R, with Steve in third. FTD went to Greg with a 37.51 in R1

Final positions were :-

1 Greg Dakin 3954.72   1000
2 Mark Redsell 3746.28 947
3 Steve Haley 3656.82 925
4 Peter Gunning 3607.59 912
5 Rich Bago 3600.76 910
6 Mark Treble 3106.69 786
7 Dave Watson 2898.77 733
8 Jon Edison 2832.13 716
9 Bob Dickenson 2546.52 644

Full spreadsheet here

Thanks to everyone for their support, and look forward to next time on the 3rd Dec

World F3F Championships 2nd - 9th Oct 2016 Denmark

The UK team is Martin Newnham, Mark Redsell, Simon Thornton.  John Phillips is the Team Manager.  Terrific performance from the team. Variable conditions towards the end of the comp just didn't go in favour of our guys. Great effort non-the-less.

Individual Results :-

1 Thorsten Folkers 20833
2 Helge Borchert 20542
3 Pierre Rondell 20202
  UK Team Members :-  
7 Mark Redsell 19580
17 Martin Newnham 19300
29 Simon Thornton 18686

Team Positions :-

1 Germany 60745
2 France 59263
3 Denmark 57757
4 Austria 57709
5 UK 57567

For full info, including a map of the slopes with details and photos and the list of pilots here.

Welsh F3F Open 9th / 10th /11th Sept 2016

Usual three day jamboree down in a partly sunny Wales was its usual gathering of flyers with great banter and serious competition. Three different Welsh slopes on the three days made for one of the closest comps I have known for sometime!

49 Pilots managed an amazing 13 rounds over the three days. To avoid losing a round due to weather, R2 was Group Scored with the flying split into 3 Groups.

The final top three were :-

1 Alvaro Silgado 1000.0  
2 Inaki Elizondo 994.8  
3 Greg Dakin 989.24  

Fastest time of 30.31 for the weekend going to Greg Dakin in round 3
Club Member Positions :-
8 Peter Gunning 964.08  
9 Mark Treble 954.27  
10 Rich Bago 952.2  
31 George Young 888.19  
32 Ronnie Lampe 885.23  
35 Keith Wood 874.06  
39 Jon Edison 865.41  

Full results here

Friday evening was the GBSRA AGM, followed by a curry evening on Saturday, and yes the drive home on the Sunday night was its usual slog!

Links to other reports :-

Mike Shellim

BMFA F3F Nationals 20 / 21 Aug 2016

Yet again we find ourselves faced with a dire weather forecast for the weekend. After all the great weather we have enjoyed so far, as soon as we are due to run a competition, the weather gods throw the very worst at us, and bring in a stonking low pressure to liven things up.

Well, we should not have worried, the forecast for lots of rain didn't materialise, and the 15 pilots who braved the forecast were presented with an absolutely brilliant weekend.

Thirteen rounds completed on Saturday ( OK one round was lost due to rain, but that was all ) and a further 10 rounds on Sunday making an unbelievable 23 Rounds for the weekend. How good could it get. Saturday saw wind gust on the South Bowl approaching 25m/s, providing some very fast flying, whilst Sunday on Levisham provided the variability that only Levisham can provide.

After all that, the results were, Mark Redsell was the winner, Peter Gunning in second and Rich Bago in third. Fastest time of the w/e went to Mark R with a 32.73. Well done guys, terrific two days.

1 Mark Redsell 20253.58
2 Peter Gunning 19682.54
3 Rich Bago 19139.89
4 Mark Treble 18890.45
5 Graeme Mahoney 18222.79
6 Tony Livingstone 17997.76
7 Ewan Maxwell 17955.29
8 George Young 17794.59
9 Dave Watson 17236.26
10 Paul Stubley 17199.30
11 Mike Shellim 17094.34
12 Andy Burgoyne 16962.58
13 Jon Edison 16454.98
14 Ron Lampe 15041.71
15 Brett Larrett 1485.82

Many thanks to T9Hobbysport and MKS Servos will once again sponsored the event, to Mark Treble for CDing, and everyone for their help in shifting equipment and mucking in with the self managed buzzing.

Full details here. Thanks to Mark Redsell for producing the spreadsheet
Pictures and report here from Mike Shellim

Watch found at Levisham Aug 20 2016

Updated 25 Aug.
Watch owner has been re-united with his timepiece!!
Many thanks to Michael Terry for his efforts.

Received this message from one of our members :-

"We were flying at Levisham on Saturday and had parked at the end of Braygate Lane.  As I was unpacking the car I found a man’s watch in the grass where we park.  It looks like it has been there for a while but has cleaned up and is still working. I was wondering if anyone had reported losing a watch up there or if you could mention that one has been found.  It would be nice to returned it to it’s rightful owner".

If anyone has lost a watch or has any information please give me a call

BMFA F3F Reserve and League Event, Horcum, 25th / 26th June 2016

Well that was a frustrating weekend weather wise. Saturday forecast was for very light variable direction winds, the comp was cancelled on that basis and the forecast proved to be spot on: Saturday was not flyable. Sunday forecast was not a great deal better but at least had more potential, until that is the Met Office issued a warning for heavy rain all day Sunday, at which point we cancelled the Sunday comp as well. Now if ever a forecast was wrong it was this one. No rain, in fact a bright sunny day, and by tea time a strong, 30mph+, westerly had developed.Frustrating or what! Sorry Guys, lets hope for better next time.

BMFA Heavy Lift Challenge, Elvington, 11th / 12th June 2016

I finally managed to attend and help at the event this year. This is an initiative run by the BMFA for some years now, and is open to Colleges and Universities, to design, build and fly, a model aircraft to achieve one or more of 3 challenges. These challenges are 1, to transport as many tennis balls as possible, along a predetermined flight path, in 10 mins. 2, to fly a very large block of balsa around a course, completing as many laps as possible, in 8 mins, and 3, carry up to 4Kg of water ballast, again along a prescribed flight path. Some terrific model creations, some more successful than others, but great fun and determination from all the Teams. Oh and I should say, all this with an electric powered aircraft with a specified motor, 40A speed controller and 2200mAhr 3cell LiPo. Now there's a challenge!!

Model Engineering Show Doncaster 20th to 22nd May 2016

As you can see from the title, the show has moved from its original location of Harrogate show ground to its new and permanent (?) residence at Doncaster Racecourse. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend this year, but a report from an engineering colleague advised me that it was pretty much business as usual. I know the Harrogate Model Aircraft Club didn't exhibit this year, but there was still a good selection of models aircraft on show I'm told.

F3F Champion of Champions 2nd / 3rd April

As previous years, the Winter League Fly-off was held in not so sunny Wales the first weekend in April. Forecast as usual deteriorated the minute we set off on the the long journey South! The rain which was supposed to clear first thing Saturday morning, now persisted in more sense than one, into the afternoon. However when it did clear, it was a glorious Spring Day, with a steady SSE wind. The 27 pilots managed a busy 5 rounds before the wind swung too far off the slope to allow flying to continue. This gave plenty of time to head back down to Bridgend for the traditional Curry in the center of town.

Day two, again not so bright, mist on the hill and rain to come. A decision to move to another slope known as the Crest, brought groans from the assembled pilots, as this meant a fair walk ( 1mile app ) to the flying site, which didn't please all.
Never-the-less the course was set up and flying got under way at around 11am. Two more rounds with a break between for rain were completed, before the darkening clouds suggested we got off the hill whilst it we were still reasonably dry.

The eventual winner was Simon Thornton, retaining his title he won last year, Peter Gunning second, and Martin Newnham third. FTD also went to Simon with a 34.75. Another socially excellent weekend with a spot of flying thrown in for good measure can't be bad.

Simon Thornton
Peter Gunning
Martin Newnham
Other Club Members :-
Mark Treble
Dave Watson
Keith Wood
Rich Bago
George Young
Jon Edison
Mark Redsell

Well done guys, and thanks to all those who made it happen

Full results here

F3F Winter League 19th March 2016

The final event of the 2015 / 16 calendar had similar conditions to the previous comp, ie Northerly winds, 5 to 9m/s ( 10 to 20mph ) but with the added distraction of drizzle at the start. Fortunately that cleared fairly soon to give a steady but overcast day. As usual with only 7 pilots, a hectic day ensued, with frequent breaks to gives pilots time to recover from flying and buzzer duties. Never-the-less, 15 rounds were achieved.

Winner was Mark Redsell, hotly pursued by Mark Treble, with Rich Bago in third. FTD went to Mark R with a time of 37.85 in R9

Mention must also be made for Tony Hollings, competing in his first F3F comp with a sub 2m model. Giving him a win in his class ( being the only 2m competitor! ) and a great day out. Well done Tony.

1 Mark Redsell 12712.84
2 Mark Treble 12618.16
3 Rich Bago 12270.95
4 John Tideswell 11124.58
5 Bob Dickenson 9869.09
Ascot / Xfire
6 Jon Edison 9856.20
7 Tony Hollings 7578.74
Sun Bird

Many thanks to everyone for their help. looking forward to the Champion of Champions race in Wales on the 2nd / 3rd April

Full results here

AGM 13th March 2016 at 4pm in Lockton Village Hall

Annual AGM at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to everyone who attended. Subscriptions remain the same for 2016 / 2017 but rising costs are putting pressure on for an increase. Committe remains the same as last year. Renewal Forms Here

F3F Winter League 5th March 2016

Well we have a second result. Forecast was spot on, NE winds, well NNE actually, 5 to 15 m/s (11 to 33 mph approx ) lots of blue sky, with a sprinkling of showers. 15 rounds with 9 pilots makes for a hard day. By the time we finished at 4:30, we were well and truly cream crackered, despite a break for lunch and another for afternoon tea ( without the china tea service of course! ) .

Very close at the top, with Mark R taking top honours, Rich B a very close second and Peter G not far away in third. FTD went to Mark with a cracking 30.59.

1 Mark Redsell 12270.83
2 Rich Bago 12144.05
3 Peter Gunning 12116.42
4 Mark Treble 11666.32
5 Steve Haley 10796.93
6 George Young 10791.64
Pike Precision
7 Ewan Maxwell 10718.12
8 Jon Edison 9139.98
9 Bob Dickenson 8711.51
Ascot / Xfire

Full results here.

Thanks for everyone for formulating their own buzzer manning regime and all the help shifting the gear on and off the slope, much appreciated.

Next and last round is the 19th March

For Sale Item

Skylark 4 scale soarer 5.2m span. detals here

F3F Winter League 20th Feb 2016

At last a result!! Forecast looked half decent, with WSW winds anywhere between 13-33mph but with a risk of showers. In the event the wind forecast was pretty much spot on, although it did swing SW and decline as the day went on, and as for the showers, one sprinkling around midday which hardly affected us as we had broken for lunch! Only disappointment was we could only muster 8 pilots, and one of them dropped out before the start. However we managed 15 hectic rounds in Levisham's usual variable conditions.

Results were Mark Redsell first, Rich Bago second and Steve Haley third. FTD went to Rich with a cracking 33.73 in R11.

1 Mark Redsell 12659.41
2 Rich Bago 11699.55
3 Steve Haley 11625.97
4 Mark Treble 11187.05
5 Ronny Lampe 10350.26
6 Jon Edison 9250.53
7 Bob Dickenson 6356.93

Well done guys and thanks to all for mucking in. Nice also to see some new faces with Steve and Brian calling in.

Next event is the 5th March 2016

Full results here

F3F Winter League 6th Feb 2016

I hardly dare mention we have a F3F Winter League event this coming weekend in case the weather gods hear me! But Hey Ho, what the heck. Fourth round of the Northern Winter League is this Saturday the 6th Feb. There done it, throw your worst at us!!
Well it did! Rained ALL day and I mean rained. The comp was cancelled, yet again.

F3F Winter League 9 Jan 2016

Fingers crossed that out of this present rain and gloom we may actually get a good day next Saturday. Hmmm, who's betting? Well bet no more, the comp was cancelled after the forecasters showed a band of rain across the region between the morning and early afternoon. As it worked out the afternoon turned out bright with clear skies, contary to all forecasts.


Updated 20 Sept 2016

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2016

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

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