BMFA League 2 Hole of Horcum
22nd / 23rd May 2010

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60inch Report by Clayton Landells
F3F report by Jon Edison

Updated 2 June 2010

BMFA League2 60inch
Report By Clayton Landells

Round Two has been run and won! Congratulations to Ronnie Lampe whose clean sweep of the heats and second place in the knockouts gave him the highest sore of 99 points. Mike Evans won the knockout round and having only competed in 5 heats, took second place from Paul Middleton.

There was some fantastic racing throughout the day with only one casualty from a flying incident which was a cleanly removed elevon from a bright orange Rampage. Bustergrunt and Andy both ended up flying Weasels as their dedicated racers developed issues that couldn't be resolved. There were a couple of very entertaining Weasel races and fortunately no Weasel confetti when racing against the heavier planks. Mike Evans was flying his V-tail Ricoshe (sp?) very quickly and Ronnie's planes were flying sweetly indeed. Tim Shaw loaned Jon Edison a plane for the day which flew very well and I was impressed with the quality of all the models on display. Dave Tuckwood showed me that my flying gets worse as the racing gets closer and we had a couple of very close and competitive races. Thanks also to Alan for coming even though he knew it was a half day only. I was dreading having to race in pairs as I had been told it is pretty boring. Well I have to say that I found the racing very exciting and also very clean. As we were running racing in pairs and we had an odd number, everyone had a go at Cding a round. Thanks to everyone for mucking in and helping the day to run smoothly. Ian mason arrived just as we were about to start the knockout rounds and kindly CD'd the knockouts for us.

Thanks to the NYMRSC club for their hospitality.

It really is a shame that the forecast was so poor as the actual conditions on the South Slope were excellent for most of the day. There were only a couple of land-outs.

Looking forward to the next round which is at Whitesheet and will hopefully be windy.


60inch Results ( NYMRSC Members in BOLD)

Pos Name Pts
1 Ronnie Lampe 99
2 Mike Evans 95
3 Paul Middleton 93
4 Tim Shaw 92
5 Clayton Landells 91
5 Jon Edison 91
7 Dave Tuckwood 89
8 Andy Evans 85
8 G Hogg 85
10 Alan Scupham 41


BMFA League2 F3F
Report by Jon Edison

Forecast for Sunday was for light Westerly's, but on the day, the early wind direction was South, so based on Saturdays experience, camp was set up on the South Bowl again. The wind later had some west in it, and the south bowl did what came naturally to it, and produced a lot of thermal activity in the strong sunshine, along with pockets of sink caused by the westerly content.

Two rounds were completed in very variable conditions, and the third was just a few pilots from completing when a spot of rain, then a change in wind direction halted proceedings. Round three was abandonded and a hasty change of location was made to Levisham.

With a now strong Westerly we thought we had cracked it. But disaster struck after just three pilots had flown. The wind swung through 180 degrees in a matter of seconds from West to East, and all flying came to an abrupt halt.

Competion cancelled. Results of all rounds flown can be found here
NB - Positions shown are based on the first two rounds only