Northern F3F Winter League 2009
Round 1 Results ( Click here for Spreadsheet )
7th Nov 2009

Fastest time of the day 43.78 flown by Mark Redsell
Pictures, thanks to Mark Redsell and Dave Watson. Report by Jon edison



We were all looking forward to the start of the Winter League after last years epic series. Forecast was a little dissapointing in as much as the wind was to turn from SW to S during the day.

This would normally have meant a change of slope from Levisham to the South Bowl, but in the event, the South Bowl was working Ok in the light winds, and we set up camp there. Variable conditions improving as the day wore on.


Mark Redsell was first man up, in time honoured tradition, as the winner of last years series

Mark posted a relatively sedate 66.57 with his FREESTYLER which was soon overalled as conditions improved. But Mark being the competetive guy he is, won 4 of the next 7 rounds and posted the fastest time of the comp with a 43.78.

Dave Wright, next man up, managed the conditions pretty well with his VIKOS to finish in 8th place. Paul Middleton and Richard Bago did battle with their VIKOS's. Paul eventually came out on top with a well deserved 3rd place, holding on to the fastest time for a while with a 47.61. Richard ending up 6th

Mike Challanor flying his PRECIOUS had a steady day, finishing in 9th just ahead of Tony FU, another VIKOS flyer who was 10th.

Paul Garnett started well with his VIKOS, winning R2 and staying in touch to finish a well deserved 2nd.

Mick Lideard, returning from a few years lay off, never found form in the changing conditions with the VIKOS, and ended down the field in 14th but ahead of Jon Edison, who despite not having a lay off was slowing going down the pan with the STING, to end in 15th.


George Young with his RACE M found the varying lift not to his liking, and finished a lowly 16th. Mean while is 'team mate' Peter Gunning set off in great style with an ASCOT to win R1, but slipped a little as the day progressed to finish 7th.

Fellow Scot, Dave Watson wasn't far off the pace during the day with his VIKING, but a couple of bad times saw Dave slip down the rankings to finish 13th. Meanwhile Paul Foster was having a terrible day, his SKORPION just not doing the business.


Allan Scupham and PIKE appeared to have a great day, using up all of the sky in his quest to stay on course! Whilst fellow competitor John Thornton managed to tame his SKORPION and drag it home in a very creditable 12th.

Greg Dakin and RACEMx didn't fair well, untill Greg got the hang of things, winning R6, but stayed down in 5th place by the end of the comp.

Mark Passingham on the other hand was having a storming day, winning R7 and coming home in 4th place with CYRIL. Last but not least, was Ronnie Lampe with his STING finishing in 11th




With 18 Pilots and 9 Rounds completed, the final results were :-

1 MARK REDSELL Freestyler 7742.10
2 PAUL GARNETT Vikos 7301.19
3 PAUL MIDDLETON Vikos 7259.76
4 MARK PASSINGHAM Cyril 7236.01
5 GREG DAKIN RaceMx 7199.76
6 RICH BAGO Vikos 7065.88
7 PETE GUNNING Ascot 7062.05
8 DAVE WRIGHT Vikos 7026.63
9 MIKE CHALLANOR Precious6815. 82
10 TONY FU Vikos 6682.62
11 RONNIE LAMPE Sting 6681.79
12 JOHN THORNTON Skorp 6590.02
13 DAVE WATSON Viking 6574.85
14 MICK LIDEARD Vikos 6565.47
15 JON EDISON Sting 6365.77
16 GEORGE YOUNG Race M 6287.40
17 PAUL FOSTER Skorp 6255.47
18 ALLAN SCUPHAM Pike 5616.84


Thanks to all who supported the event and helped to make it run so smoothly. Round 2 of the Northern Winter League is on the 5th Dec