Northern F3F Winter League 2009
Round 2 Results ( Click here for Spreadsheet )
5th Dec 2009

Fastest time of the day - 41.87 flown by Mark Redsell
Pictures, thanks to Dave Watson. Report by Jon Edison



Weather conditions were not looking too good as we approached the weekend, but with a welcome break in the rain now forecast for Saturday the event was ON, and with the prospects of a favourable South wind as well.

Typically, Horcum had its own ideas on when it would obey the weather forecasters, and as a consequence, low cloud persisted right into midday


But still, when conditions lifted, we were ready to go. First man up was Frank Hulton, and despite claiming he was out of practice, set a stonking 50.85 which would only be bettered that round by two other flyers.  However, lack of practice soon came back to haunt Frank as he settled down into 15th by the end of the comp.

Ronnie Lampe was next man up, and gave us some old fashioned entertainment by clipping a wingtip with his STING in R3, and despite a terrific cartwheel was virtually unscathed and finished in 10th.  Tony Fu had a steady day, but never got his VIKOS in the groove, and ended down the field in 16th

Paul Townsend flew a collection of models, with varying degrees of success, to end the day in 14th. Richard Bago was determined to give his VIKOS a good thrashing, flew the majority of the rounds in sub fifties, and brought home the bacon in a cracking 2nd place.

Mick Lideard with his VIKOS showed steady improvements and ended a very creditable 12th.  Mark Redsell, again the man to beat, with all but one round sub fifty, and fastest time to boot as well, won the comp by a good margin.  

Keith Wood with his FREESTYLER had a good day ending up in 7th place, whilst Alan Scupham took on board the comments made about his flying from the last Comp and despite a more controlled flight path, lacked a bit of pace to end 18th.


Paul Middleton gave chase to the leaders with his VIKOS, winning R1 but losing his way in R2 before recovering sufficiently in later rounds, to eventually finish 4th. Meanwhile  Paul Garnett tried to drag his VIKOS into contention, but was finally pushed down into 5th place.

Greg Dakin, looked to have a good day, and despite sub-fifties in 5 rounds, didn't managed any higher than a very respectable 3rd.  Meanwhile Dave Wright and VIKOS had a so so sort of day, finally ending in 13th.

Jon Edison and STING on the other had a completely pants sort of day, scoring a record 200 penalty points to push him into dead last!.


Ian Stewart kept up a consistent, if slightly below pace, to finish down in 17th, while Mark Passingham never found the form he had last time out, and he and CYRIL trundled home in 8th.

Peter Gunning is a man who you shouldn't take your eye off, and whilst he and his SKORP didn't have the best of days, still managed 6th.

Fellow Scot, Dave Watson, can usually do the business with the right conditions, and managed to slip into 9th place with his VIKING. John Thornton has been improving with each outing with his SKORP and produced a very creditable 11th place this time.




With 19 Pilots and 6 Rounds completed, the final results were :-

1 MARK REDSELL Freestyler 4916.36
2 RICH BAGO Vikos 4770.26
3 GREG DAKIN Race M 4654.23
4 PAUL MIDDLETON Vikos 4628.82
Vikos 4618.61
Skorp 4517.68
7 KEITH WOOD Freestyler 4348.84
8 MARK PASSINGHAM Cyril 4338.13
9 DAVE WATSON Viking 4283.01
10 RONNIE LAMPE Sting 4222.33
11 JOHN THORNTON Skorp 4158.60
12 MICK LIDEARD Vikos 4155.50
13 DAVE WRIGHT Vikos 4131.59
14 PAUL TOWNSEND Skorp 4094.06
15 FRANK HULTON New Sting 4086.98
16 TONY FU Vikos 4080.27
17 IAN STEWART Ceres 4014.13
18 ALAN SCUPHAM Pike 3988.66
19 JON EDISON Sting 3947.21


Thanks to all who supported the event and helped to make it run so smoothly. Round 3 of the Northern Winter League is on the 9th Jan 2010