Northern F3F Winter League 2009
Round 5 and Final Results ( Click here for Spreadsheet )
6th March 2010

Fastest time of the day - 49.49 flown by Peter Gunning
Pictures, thanks to Dave Watson. Report by Jon Edison



Usual worries before the weekend when the constantly varying weather patterns made predicting whether we would have a comp or not, almost impossible.
As the weekend approached, the chances appeared to improve, wind direction would be as we found it, but possibility of rain and low cloud didn't bode well.
Well, no worries, light SE winds and no rain-yeeha!


As the flying order was based on current league positions, Mark Redsell was first man away with his FREESTYLER, set down a marker of 60.27 which was pretty fair for the conditions. Marks consistent flying eventually saw him finish 2nd. Paul Garnett followed on, but apart from one sub 50 in R5 with his VIKOS, never got on top of the day, and finished well down in 10th

Paul Middleton, forsaking his Vikos for a SKORPION, had a similarly poor day, and finished a dissapointing 8th. Greg Dakin, forced to change model to his RACE M, did much better as a result, improving every round, to end the day in 4th.

Peter Gunning took to the air with his CYRIL and steadily pulled his times down every round, to culminate in the fastest time of the day in R6 and finished in 6th place.

Mark Passingham has a storming day, and apart from one bad time in R4 proved the man to beat by coming 1st overall with a FREESTYLER. Dave Wright with a NEEDLE 100 matched his predecessors time pretty well in the early rounds, but fell away as the day progressed to end in 9th place . 

Ronnie Lampe plugged away with his STREGA, but stayed the wrong side of the 60 barrier, to limp home in 16th position


Dave Watson had a similar day with his VIKOS, finally beating Ronnie into 15th place. Mick Lideard also found the conditions not to his liking, piloting his VIKOS into 18th slot. Tony Fu did better than the three pilots ahead of him, but still only managed 13th place with his VIKOS.

Jon Edison and his trusty STING shocked the world and himself by winning the first round, and held onto the fastest time right up to R5, before finally finishing in 7th place. Allan Scupham flung his PIKE into unsupporting air, finally crashing out on landing in R2 to end his day.


Keith Wood and a FREESTYLER had a good day, briefly holding the fastest time, before ending the day in a very creditable 3rd place
Frank Hulton had another steady day, but never pulled his times down low enough with his EXTREME to finish higher than 14th. Ian Stewart always appears to enjoy his flying trying both a TRAGI and a CERES, which alas only saw him make 19th place

George Young, another relaxed flyer, made 17th place with his RACE M, whilst Ian Simpson pulled one out of the bag to win R3 with a FURIO to end the day in 11th place


Ron Russell made a rare appearance, proved he had lost none of his skills, winning R2 and finishing in 6th place with a RACE M. Mike McCracken, making a first appearance at Horcum slotted into 21st place after a bout of first flight nerves!

Ben Steele also making a welcome return, suffered from lack of practice, and only scraped home in 20th place with his VIKING. Meanwhile Robert Carson didn't fare much better, he and his ACACIA II struggling into 22nd spot



With 23 Pilots and 6 Rounds completed, the final results were :-

1 MARK PASINGHAM Freestyler 4727.59
2 MARL REDSELL Freestyler 4689.70
3 KEITH WOOD Freestyler 4673.16
4 GREG DAKIN Race M 4631.40
Cyril 4609.85
Race M 4507.19
7 JON EDISON Sting 4473.87
8 PAUL MIDDLETON Skorpion 4396.31
9 DAVE WRIGHT Needle 100 4355.27
10 PAUL GARNETT Vikos 4339.93
11 IAN SIMPSON Furio 4307.76
12 JOHN THORNTON Skorpion 4299.48
13 TONY FU Vikos 4280.89
14 FRANK HULTON Extreme 4262.48
15 DAVE WATSON Vikos 4183.73
16 RONNIE LAMPE Strega 4142.27
17 GEORGE YOUNG Race M 4137.50
18 MICK LIDEARD Vikos 4070.19
19 IAN STEWART Tragi / Ceres 4062.59
20 BEN STEELE Viking 4037.10
21 MIKE McCRACKEN Javelin 3940.90
22 ROBERT CARSON Acacia2 3928.70
23 ALAN SCUPHAM Pike WR 1260.92

Thanks to all who supported the Winter League events and helped to make it run so smoothly.


Final Winter League Positions
( Best 2 from 3 Rounds Completed )

Click Here for Final Winter League Spreadsheet

3 GREG DAKIN 1926.32
8 KEITH WOOD 1872.98
9 DAVE WRIGHT 1828.69
10 TONY FU 1768.53
11 JON EDISON 1768.47
12 JOHN THORNTON 1760.56
13 DAVE WATSON 1756.12
14 RONNIE LAMPE 1739.16
15 FRANK HULTON 1732.86
16 MICK LIDEARD 1708.87
17 GEORGE YOUNG 1687.19
18 IAN STEWART 1675.74
19 ALAN SCUPHAM 1536.73
20 RON RUSSELL 953.39
21 IAN SIMPSON 911.21
23 BEN STEELE 853.94
24 MIKE McCRACKEN 833.55
27 PAUL FOSTER 807.95