Winter League Round 1
5th Nov 2011

Result breakdown here
Report by Jon Edison
Pictures by George Young

The first round of the Northern Winter League at Horcum was in danger of being cancelled for the first time in the league's history. Low cloud and drizzle covered the hill for most of the morning with little sign of it ever clearing. But a chink of light below the clouds began to shine through and by 12:15 the first round was in progress.

Wind wasn't a problem with 5-7m/s at the start rising to 10-12 m/s by the end of the day on the NW slope. 9 rounds being completed with 14 pilots before bad light stopped play.

Paul Garnett, Paul Middleton, Peter Gunning, Keith Wood and Dave Wright all claiming round wins, before Mark Redsell eventually emerged as the winner with Paul Garnett second and Paul Middleton third. Fastest time of the day went to Paul Garnett with a 41.80.

1 Mark Redsell Freestyler 7697.92 1000
2 Paul Garnett Skorpion 7523.76 977.37
3 Paul Middleton Vikos 7413.44 963.04
4 Peter Gunning Predator 3 7259.99 943.11
5 Keith Wood Freestyler 7233.07 939.61
6 Paul Foster Skorpion 7141.80 927.75
7 Richard Bago Arsen 7051.91 916.07
8 Mike MacCracken Extreme 7038.11 914.28
9 Dave Wright Skorpion 6920.53 899.01
10 Ronnie Lampe Strega 6918.41 898.73
11 George Young Vikos 6582.58 855.11
12 Jon Edison Zeus 6419.42 833.91
13 Mark Treble Wizard Compact 6284.25 816.35
14 Egon Lewin Strega 5857.10 760.86

Thanks to everyone for their support and help during the day. Next round is on the 3rd Dec. See you all again then.

Jon Edison