North of England F3F Open Eurotour 14-15 th July 2007 Hole of Horcum, North Yorkshire , England

Fastest Time Dieter Perlick 33.27

Pictures and Videos by Dave Watson and Joe Jubb

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After an agonising week wondering what the weather would bring for the weekend, Saturday turned at to be an absolutely stonking day, with 30mph plus westerly winds, allowing Levisham to show us what can be achieved there in the right conditions.

The meeting point was in the main carpark at the ‘Hole’. Once the Registration of all the flyers was completed, the 42 pilots headed for the flying site at Levisham.

The Pilots briefing welcomed our European visitors to the slope, and after the usual safety and organisational rules were read out, flying commenced at 10:45 . It was agreed to make the most of the conditions and fly for as long as the day would allow. Little did we realise that would mean flying until 8pm .






Flying was brisk to say the least, with first man off, Dave Wright setting a cracking pace of 37.47 with his Skorpion (watch the video! captured by Joe Jubb).

Levisham in strong winds has a very nasty habit of blowing models off-line, and a number of Pilots gave testament to this, suffering as they did, a 100point penalty for crossing the ‘Safety Line’.

Only two managed to succumb to the even worse fate of damaging their models. Richard Bago getting carried away whilst half way through a blistering sub 35sec run, (watch the Video captured by Dave Watson) His Skorpion not taking kindly to being hauled round Base A too tightly, and spinning into the hill, (the flick) . Greg Dakin suffered an equally disastrous crash after catching a wingtip mid course, and cartwheeling into the bracken. ( gregs best run captured by Joe Jubb)

Once the first few rounds were completed, lessons were learnt, and very few incidents occurred in the later rounds. Dieter Perlick ( Mr Eurotour ) scored an impressive 33.27 in Round 3, ( watch dieter's 33xx captured by Joe Jubb) not only to secure a personnel best, but the fastest time of the comp, and a Horcum record!!

Flying remained brisk, with rounds being completed every 65mins. 336 flights and 9 hours later, with the sun beginning to set and the wind finally abating, a halt was called to proceeding, and a well knackerd bunch of flyers headed off in search food from the local hostelries.


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Sunday dawned sunny and warn, but the forecast of little wind and early rain did nothing to increase the round count, and at 12:30 with rain beginning to fall, the ensembled gathering headed back to the carpark for the presentations.

The winner, or should I say ‘North of England’ Champion was Dieter Perlick, who also took the trophy for the fastest time, and not surprisingly, was also a member of the top team. The Team prize going to the SAF Team, consisting of Dieter, Klaus Kowalski, and Peter Kowalski.

My thanks to all who helped and took part. Mike Barker and Lol Hunsley for their support, Tim Shaw, Dave Elam for managing the flying order, Ronnie Lampe for buzzer supremo, John Philips for pit area safety, Richard Bago and Mark Newburn for CD duties on the timing computer. Mick Chadwick and John Lake for additional support on the Sunday.

More Pics at rc-soar and Knewts site

The results are set out below, with a * indicating NYMRSC Members.





Team Positions

1 SAF Dieter Perlick, Klaus Kowalski, Peter Kowalski 18546.79

2 Freestyler Armin Hortzitz, Franz Demmler, Siegfried Schedel 17380.95

3* Team Rolox Mark Redsel, Richard Bago, Paul Garnett 16924.99

4 Northern Raiders Andy Ellison, Jon Edison, Frank Hulton 16684.10

5 Team Fast Mark Southall, Mike Evans, Mick Walsh 16624.34

6* Team Last Dave Wright,Tony Fu, Paul Foster 16279.25

7 Team Scotland Ron Russell, Peter Gunning, Dave Watson 15857.87

8 Team Tite Dave Elam, Tim Shaw, Ronnie Lampe 14960.28

9 Team Perth Ian Stewart, Ian Simpson, Ali Sutherland 14466.70

 Individual Positions

1 Dieter Perlick Caldera 6584.21

2 Klaus Kowalski Caldera 6378.49

3 Kev Newton Skorpion 6004.06

4 Armin Hortzitz Freestyler 5929.97

5* Keith Wood New Sting 5917.88

6 Mark Southall Skorpion 5913.89

7 Andy Ellison Falcon 5875.63

8* Mark Redsell Skorpion 5864.32

9 John Phillips 5793.42

10* Dave Wright Skorpion 5788.23

11 Franz Demmler Freestyler 5764.20

12 Mark Abbotts Caldera 5720.91

13 Ron Russell Viking 5700.62

14 Siegfried Schedel Freestyler 5686.67

15* Richard Bago Skorpion 5673.70

16 Mike Evans Furio 5650.10

17 Peter Kowalski Caldera 5584.01

18 Tom McPherson Pike WR 5578.62

19 Dave Woods Elita 5563.57

20* Jon Edison Sting 5540.73

21 Lukas Gaubatz Skorpion 5538.53

22* Tony Fu Skorpion 5441.28

23 Mike Shellim Acacia 5421.05

24 Arthur Frenslich Skorpion 5394.12

25* Paul Garnett Skorpion 5386.85

26* Mark Newburn Pike 5370.72

27 Frank Hulton Falcon 5267.62

28 Andrzej Tabero Viking 5228.34

29 Paul Jubb Skorpion 5225.08

30 Peter Gunning Race M 5181.33

31 Graham Reed Acacia 5156.32

32 Ian Stewart Tragi 5096.22

33 Mick Walsh Skorpion 5060.25

34* Paul Foster Acacia 5049.65

35 Dave Elam Blade XL 5021.93

36 Ian Simpson Elipse 5012.58

37* Tim Shaw Acacia 5002.51

38 Nikolie Dotzek Highlander 4980.38

39 Dave Watson Race M 4975.82

40* Ronnie Lampe Acacia 4935.72

41 Ali Sutherland Race M 4357.82

42 Greg Dakin Race M 4261.22